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Thursday, March 6, 2014

✼UNINVITED (Uninvited #1) by Sophie Jordan: A Haul Fairy book review

I really am a fan of Sophie Jordans’ YA novels. I love her Firelight series and now, this book, the first in the Uninvited series. I didn’t think twice to pick this up and read it immediately. I really enjoyed this book!

This is a dystopian novel set in a world where a kill gene, the HTS or Homicidal Tendency Syndrome is detected in a person's DNA. Carriers of HTS have a tendency to become a murderer. Our female protagonist, Davina “Davy” Hamilton is a prodigy, a musical genius and an HTS carrier. It’s a surprise for her because Davy grew up in a rich society and she’s a normal teenager with no record of violence. Once the killer gene have been detected in her, her perfect world, dreams and love life has fallen into pieces. She became an “uninvited”, in other words, she was expelled from her school and transferred to a public school that has other carriers to finish high school. She made friends and found a love interest. But when a group of carriers in other part of the country has gone wild and committed mass murders, the government decided to put up a concentration camp. This is where things get interesting.

My problem in this book is that it lacked world building. HTS carriers = murderers, that’s all. Once the gene is detected, they are branded in the society. It didn’t dive into much deeper details; I hope I will see that in book 2. The characters are okay. The male protagonist, Sean, is not a book boyfriend material. Nothing special, not sweet enough. His love for Davy is not that intense. I have so much to rant about this book. However, I love that the book is fast paced. I like the story and where it goes. I loved the ending!  It left so much questions.  I just wish there are more action and more kick - ass Davy. More intensity from Sean, and more personality on supporting characters like Gil and Sabine

Overall rating: 4 fairy wings.

Favorite quotes

“Exactly what he wanted me to do. Exactly what they all thought I would do. Everyone in here. Everyone out there in the world. A world so afraid of carriers, it makes killers out of the innocent.”

"I’m not a killer. Although I’m going to become one. It’s just a matter of time. That’s what being an HTS carrier means. At least that’s what everyone says."

"Our lips fuse hotter, more urgent. I throw my whole weight against him. Off balance, he staggers, arm looping around my waist. We fall back on the bed, me sprawled over him.
I kiss him like it’s the last time. Because who knows? It could be. If we’re caught, we’ll at least have this."

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