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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL (Monster Hunter International #1) by Larry Correia: A CONVO REVIEW by The Midnight Fairy, The Dragon Fairy and The Rock Chick Fairy

Hello everyone! Here's a treat for y'all!

Ladies and gents, The Midnight Fairy, The Dragon Fairy and The Rock Chick fairy give you…

a convo review


What's your first impression on the cover?

I saw three covers for Monster Hunters International. All follow the black and red theme.

I didn't find it appealing at all, sorry!

Me too. I find it kind of old school. The first cover that I saw was that of a woman holding a gun with big boobs! Hardy har har!

I like the MHI logo cover.

Oh! Yeah! To me, that was the most appealing. Even though it's still kind of bland.

I like the smile. It looks devilish and naughty and that’s what I expected and got from the book.

 I guess that's what Julie supposed to look like (on the other cover). I didn't like it at all, like what TheRockChickF said; it was "old school." I guess the author intended to showcase a comic action appeal that's why they used that cover. I didn't like it but it's the content that matters anyway.


Let’s talk about the POV!

Owen's POV was damn good. I mean sure, he was this he-man when it comes to some things, but he was entertaining as hell!

I love Owen's voice. I like my heroes with sarcastic wit.

I second that, TheDragonF. Owen's sarcasm is an art! Just saying. Haha

I agree with TheDragonF Owen's POV is really funny. It got me hooked just after reading the first paragraph of the book!


What do you think of the story line?


Freak fantastic

It was such a blast! To be honest, I wouldn't say that guns are my kind of thing. However, I'd have to make an exception for this one. Guns and explosives are fun! It’s extremely awesome. especially when you have supernatural creatures as enemies.

There's a lot of cliché in the story line but they were able to make it work well. Goodness the guns...I seriously was glazing over when those were being described.

I have to agree with you about the guns, TheRockChickF. Whenever Owen describes his weapons and guns, my mind wanders. LOL. I really don’t care much about that, but the action is pretty awesome. The romance was okay, I guess.

I have a lot of things to say about the romance part, but it would have to wait. :)


What do you think of their team dynamics?

I personally like it that their team is like a band of misfits. It made the book more interesting.
All members of the team (with the exception of Grant of course) mesh together.

I think the characters in the team compliment each other. They are a motley crew but it works.

I just have to ask this. Who's your favorite in the team? I LOVE HOLLY. I like her guts and I like how mysterious she seems sometimes. I just like badass girls in general, 

I think I like Earl. I like that he is bad-ass and lenient as a boss.

I like Holly too! She's a nurse and her character has so many layers. People always under estimate her abilities because she looked like a dumb blonde but she's more than that. She's smart and a complete bad-ass. I TOTALLY SHIP HOLLY WITH TRIP!!!

Oh-kay. I think it's safe to say that us fairies LOVE badass people, so of course WE LOVE OWEN. Don't we?

I love Owen because he doesn't give up even when he *spoiler* keeps on dying! 

Owen is a cat with more than 9 lives! haha! I love him because he's so loyal and loving. Julie is lucky to have him. That guy never gives up. He'll do everything for the people he loves.


What can you say about the action parts? Is it too much or just enough?

To me, the action parts were just enough. Although there were times wherein I had to catch my breath first because the action scenes just come right away after the other, I guess it's still fine with me.

I think is perfect. Man, the action puts me at the edge of my seat! It's like watching an action-fantasy movie, it's so good. If the author can add more, I'll take it!
I super agree with you, TheMidnightF. I'll take more if he adds more! I like he action parts. To me, it was all good. Not too much and not lacking.


Now let's talk about the romance part...


Well, I guess since we are girls and predominantly romance readers, we tend to want romance in every book (fiction) that we read.

I would have to say that I found the romance part to be awkward and unnatural. As a reader of full blast romances, I felt as if I'm being forced to accept a love interest that's not very good for the main character. The chemistry was off, the girl was off.. Owen felt like hanging the moon for the girl when the girl had a boyfriend. It was simply not good.
Anyway, when the book ended, I found out that the love part is something that is necessary to the plot.

The romance is probably the weakest point of the book. I really didn't feel like Julie deserved Owen. The guy loved her unconditionally even though she's in a relationship with some one else. Anyway, since the author is a guy, I could overlook that area because the action more than made up for it.
You're also right, TheRockChickF. It is a vital factor in the story. Owen's love for Julie is his main drive to do all those seemingly impossible tasks so that he can save her and the world.

You know, we also have to give Julie the benefit of the doubt since we didn't hear her side of the story. I do believe that right from the start, she felt something for Owen. I think she was totally impressed with how outspoken Owen was to her about his feelings. As a girl, she must've been flattered too. I mean, most girls would be. Wouldn't you?

If that's the case, then she didn't show it well. I hope she improves on the second book.

In all fairness, I do think I have to give her character a fighting chance. It's just so hard to do that when she came off as *spoiler* a two timing girl who's boyfriend is an arrogant ass. I can never understand why she liked him (the boyfriend) in the first place. I think the love part here is just one of those love at first site themes that I don't like. haha!

I just want more TROLLY moments.
TROLLY? What? Oh! Trip and Holly. haha! Yeah. That would be excellent! ^_^

Good guy + bad ass girl = perfect combination


This book already has A LOT of SUPERNATURAL beings. What else do you want to see in the series?

The book has got to have pretty much everything! Idk, maybe more of witches and wizards?

I wanna see gnomes and valkyries, fairies, mermaids, angels, demons and mutants. I  just love SUPERNATURAL beings. The possiblities are endless. 
Oh! I wanna see a unicorn!!! Imagine Owen wrestling a unicorn
Nope. It should be Trip wrestling a unicorn!
That would definitely be hilarious! ;D

What's the best moral of this book?

Patience is a virtue.I learned that from the old man in this story. There are no shortcuts in life.you have to learn the basics for you to survive.

I learned that it's good to have faith in yourself. It's good to believe that you can do something because sometimes, you might just do it successfully. ;)

Selflessness. According to Divergent, "there is power in self-sacrifice"  and i think Owen and the gang proves that again and again in this book.


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