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Friday, March 14, 2014

♠STARBOUND by J.L. WEIL: A Fire Fairy Review

Everyone, in some way, has been touched by magick. If you have the blood of a spider goddess flowing in your veins, it is a double whammy…and kind of creepy. Katia Montgomery’s life is charmed. She is pretty, popular, and dating the star basketball player. So then why is she miserable? There is so much more to Katia than endless parties, expensive clothes, and her social status—she is a nixie. Her world feels inadequate, lonely, and she can’t shake the feeling that something or someone is missing. And that might just explain why she is suddenly crushing on the mouthwatering and forbidden Seth Nightingale. Seth Nightingale has always known that the sassy and spunky Katia is destined to be his—that they are starbound. While she goes through boyfriends like bubble gum, chewing them up and spitting them out, he stands in the shadows, unable to do anything about it, knowing he shouldn’t care. Not a damn thing in his power can change their fates, and that…well, really blows, but it doesn’t stop him from dreaming about her, craving her, loving her. A dark curse hangs over their heads, one cast centuries before. Now it is up to Seth to be stronger than ever and resist the one girl he can never have…or risk killing them both. But the attraction between them is something neither can ignore. And the curse, it’s out for blood—their blood.

Title: Starbound
Author: J.L. Weil
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Age: 16+, with some sexual content and foul words

First, I want to thank the author for this complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. It was a joy to read this book.

The main subject of the story is the supposed imminent death of the heroine - and eventually, the hero - because of a certain curse. Suprisingly, the book kept its tone light and witty.

Let me explain the gist of the story first.
Katia and Seth are destined to be soulmates. In the story, the term used is starbound.

"Being Starbound meant there was one person chosen to be yours by the stars - like a soul mate juiced up on steroids. It infused magick, heart, soul, flesh, and spirit, binding two nixies for all eternity - the five points of a star. Starbound was rare, and if you found yours, you never let go."

Sounds romantic huh? It should have been a happy ever after story right from the start. Unfortunately, some bitter ancestress made a curse that will kill Katia if they complete the starbinding, eventually killing Seth too.

"A starsoul could never live without his or her love. Their hearts - their lives were woven together. If one stopped beating so would the other, and their souls would follow one another into the after life, where they could be together forever. Every nixie knew about starbinding and how exceptional it was."

So how would our young lovers undo a curse as ancient as Greek myth? Well, you have to read the book to find out. *wink*

The story is in the POV of Katia and Seth. I love how the narration keeps switching between them. It definitely kept the story entertaining. And you get to connect with both the main characters and makes understanding them better.

I love Seth. Outside, he's a tough guy. Someone who you don't wanna mess with. Inside he's a nice guy. He deliberately rejects Katia so that she'll hate him, preventing her to fall in love with him, therefore protecting her from the curse.
Katia, on the other hand, is oblivious to the curse. So she really hates him but at the same time, is drawn to him. They kind of have a love-hate relationship going on. I really enjoy their banters because of Katia's colorful vocabulary and witty remarks.

The minor characters are lovable as well, even the not so nice ones. My favorite is Zeke, Seth's best friend. He's such a sweetheart in the story. I hope he gets to have his own book, too. And probably, with a cheerleader. Lol!

As I've mentioned earlier, the story is light and the lines are witty. Lots of scenes cracked me up. I can definitely say that there was no dull moment while reading this book.

If there's anything I can complain about, it's probably the anticlimactic ending. I was hoping for a more dramatic turn of events but the author made it gentle and quick. But when I think of it, it was probably better that way to maintain the light tone of the story. So I guess, no complains after all. Lol!

My rating for this book is 4 1/2 fairy wings! I definitely love this book and if anyone asks me for recommendations on new YA books, this will be the first book I would suggest.

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