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Monday, March 10, 2014

♥Book VS. Movie♥ I AM NUMBER FOUR: A Haul Fairy Review

I am Number Four is about an alien race, Lorien, trying to survive because of Morgadorians invaded their planet for resources and their own survival. Group of Lorien kids with their guardian landed in earth. Hey are binded with ritual that they should be killed in order. They caught Number One in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and Number Three in Kenya. All of them were killed. Our protagonist, Number Four, aka John Smith, is a typical teenager. He's tired of always moving, wants to have permanent friends, school and a girl. 

The Book

I liked the book. It has a love story (no tacky love triangle), there's action, a kick ass girl, a good friend, superpowers and a cute little dog that transforms. It has more details on what legacies they have, his relationship with Henri and a peek of what happened to the Lorien planet.

Rating: 4 Fairy Wings!

The Movie

Thankfully, I watched the movie first before reading the book. I wasn’t disappointed with the movie because of Alex Pettyfer. Hotness overload right?! Also, my expectations were not that huge because of the book-into-movie trend right now that always leaves me disappointed. There are lots of details in the book that were not shown in the movie. But I understand that, if all the details where played in the movie I guess it will probably take 3-4 hours. But, I wanted to see the depth on Four's relationship with his guardian. In the movie he's just like a rebelling teenager with a little love for Henri. I felt no emotions from the character, especially when Henri died.

Rating: 3 Fairy Wings!

I found the an article in the web different with the movies and books contributed by fans around the globe. Source: http://thatwasnotinthebook.com

In the Book In the Movie
During the first day of school,
Sarah was taking pictures of John.

She does not take pictures.
The dog Bernie Kosar is wearing
a dog tag with his name on it.
He isn't wearing the tag, and we just know his name is Bernie Kosar from the dialog.

Sam Goode wears his father's glasses.

He doesn't wear them.

Four people were said to be on the hay bale truck.

Sarah and John are alone on the truck.
Bernie Kosar transformed into a dragon type creature but without wings.
He transforms into a giant bulldog.

Herni is killed during the battle 
with the Mogadorians 
during the attack at 
John's high school.
He dies after being stabbed by a Mogadorian after John had saved him from the publishers of "They Walk among Us".

John waits to tell Sam that he is an 
alien until after they attempt 
to rescue Henri.
He has already told Sam.

Doesn't wear it right away.
Number Six was already wearing her Loric Costume.

Sarah's mother is a real estate agent.

This isn't shown.
Number 4 has the legacy 
to not get burned by fire
Number 6 has this legacy instead of number 4

Number 4 fights Mark and a bunch
of his friends after the hayride,
throwing them into the water
He fights only Mark and doesnt throw him into any water

Number 4 saves Sarah from a burning house

Number 4 saves Sarah when she falls off the roof of the house (no fire at all)
There is no Lorien tracking stone
There is some sort of Lorien Tracking rock (glows blue on the inside) not mentioned at all in the book.

Number 4 has the legacy to communicate 
with animals, and Number 6 has the legacy
to control the elements
(ex. creating a thunderstorm)

They do not have (or show) these legacies at all

There are 2 different types of Mogadorians,
Scouts and Soldiers 
(Soldiers being taller and having the alien swords)
There is only one kind of Mogadorian shown, the soldiers, no scouts. And their main weapon is a gun not a sword


Pettyfer is a good choice for the lead role. I’ll still watch the sequel if they created one.
I will also read the sequel soon! Pittacus Lore is a good writer and very imaginative.

Don’t expect too much on the movie because it can’t show what the books can show us. 

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