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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

❤❤❤ BEST KIND OF BROKEN (Finding Fate #1) by Chelsea Fine: A Rock Chick Fairy book review

Hello everybody! Rock Chick here again with another NA book. I love this author and I'm kinda sorry that I'm a little late in posting this review, but as I always say... better late than later. :) 

Everyone, I give you...



I read this before going to the office today. I also read this while I was in a moving public transportation vehicle, I even finished it there. After having an emotional battle in a public place, I am now certain... I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS BOOK.


❈ Pixie - She's a survivor. Literally. After losing somebody, she loses everything else and copes somehow. I think she has a very good personality because even though life handed her great blows, she still went on and she didn't let herself drown in sorrow... well, not totally that is. She had the most colorful friendship with two people, but when she lost that, the color went with it.

P.S. Pixie, you are named after us! May the fairy dust be with you darlin! 

❈ Levi - This guy had everything laid out for him. He's the quarterback hotshot of the school. He was about to get the girl he'd been wanting for so long. He was having the time of his life... until that tragic night. Guilt and regrets envelope his character. He's so darn closed off because of what happened that he sort of forgot that Pixie is alive and needs him more than anyone. When I read his POVs, all I want to do is hug him and tell him that it isn't his fault. It's good that his and Pixie's attraction towards one another never faded, or else, in my head he'd be like an emo guy who mopes around. LOL.

It's kinda cool that Pixie is an artist. It compliments Levi more because he's a football player. MFEO! (made for each other!)

❈ The other characters - I am of course, thrilled for the next books. I purposely avoided reading the blurbs of the next books (if there are any yet) because I wanted to guess who the next characters are. As it turns out, I was right. Daren is by far, the most interesting "other" character here. I just can't figure out if he's a man whore or a nice friend. LOL Maybe he's both. haha! I love the sneak peek of his book!

Ellen is also very mysterious. I think she's the one who orchestrated the "meeting-again" of Pixie and Levi. Great woman, really. :)

Pixie's mom - bleh! One very effective villain. Good job, Miss Fine! I totally hate her.  >.<

Pixie's friends - INTERESTING. Jenna is the best. :)


This is a good book about grieving, moving on and looking back.

Emotional. Really emotional. It made me tear up in a public place.  Of course, you won't only cry in this book. You'd also feel love, happiness..

You'll feel alive.

Pixie and Levi were separated when they met a tragedy a year ago. Now they're left with all the pieces and then suddenly they see each other again. They have to work together and live in the same wing as each other... use the bathroom together (that bathroom is legendary, lemme tell ya!). Personally, I think Pixie's aunt set them up, but I've yet to find out. They constantly fight and bicker. It was childish really. I even laughed out loud in some scenes. They're all good fun, but when you look deeper, there's a reason for it. These fights were instigated by a certain someone because for that person, fighting is better than awkward silence.

The chemistry between the two characters is so apparent that I'm even wondering how they were able to keep from talking that long. I guess that's where the mystery lies. Their silence.

I appreciated the mystery at the start of this book. I tried really hard not to take a peek at the ending and I was successful. The mystery made it so intriguing that as soon as they are dropping hints about it, you'd want more.

When everything was revealed, I was amazed by the strength of the both of them. To remain standing, alone and broken after a tragedy is probably one of the hardest thing a person can go through. I'm so glad that they had another chance to be together. They're just... so sweet and so... complete with each other. :) Please tell me there's a novella out there with wedding bells for these two.

Anyway, the ending is the best part. I love how it unfolded like a movie in my mind. Seriously, I think I have the best imagination. haha! 

To wrap this up, I love this book! I'm giving it 5 fairy wings!


HOW TO WIN - Winning is an effect of trying. You have to want it badly enough to go through pain, discipline, and failure to find it. To confront it. To claim it. But most of all, you have to fight for it. Everything else—anything else—is absolute surrender.

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