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Monday, March 10, 2014

❤ SECOND CHANCE by April Angel: A Rock Chick Fairy book review

Hey everyone! Sorry, I haven't been around here much. I was... well, I still am in the process of *drumroll please*... BOOK HAULING! Yes people, I am being influenced by the Haul Fairy! >.< Haha! Anyway, I'll be posting them soon, so watch out for that! 

This book that I'm reviewing now is such a surprise! I hope everyone reads it. It's quite short and it's worth your time! :)


After five years with a man she loved, Ariana Parker held the divorce papers in hand. From the moment she met him, Nick was the only man to make her body burn and fill her heart with joy, but somewhere along the way, they lost their ability to communicate--in any languag. Nick Parker lost the woman he loved to the trials of conception. Their inability to cope with their failure broke down their relationship and their friendship. And now, he's left with a woman he lusts after, longs for, and doesn't know how to reach. One locked door and plenty of time to hash out their problems will either leave them broken forever or might just be the glue that holds them together.

Just when I thought I would never be okay again with short stories.. I get to read this. 

I can definitely say that I am okay with this story being short. it's because to me, this book needed an immediate conclusion. I wanted the couple to be "okay" right away, so I'm perfectly fine with the length.

Nick and Ari's situation isn't very unique. In fact, I think many couples around the world experience this. Sometimes, the need to have a child is so overwhelming that couples forget what they really started together. They lose sight of each other and just grow apart after that. This is what exactly happened to Nick and Ari. They had to have a life altering event happen to them before finally talking to each other again. That was just the first step. This book is about their journey to finding each other again. There are some bumps on their road, but if you ask me, the characters are so devoted to each other that there's no doubt that there would be a happy ending for them. 

This is an emotional story. It will make you think as well as feel. Short, but really powerful, that's what this is. 

I wish that all short stories are like this. :)

I give this book a 5!

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