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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

✠ DOMINIC (Slater Brothers #1) ✠ by L.A. Casey: A Rock Chick Fairy Review

Hey y'all! Rock Chick Fairy here again! 

Please remind me next time that when some hot guy pisses me off, I should  stand my ground and piss him off too! Who knows, I might end up like little Bronagh here.

Yeah, with the guidance of my lucky fairy dust, I just might end up with my very own...



I was just plain blown away by this book. Blown away by the rough edges, the humorous fights (yes, fights) and the fact that even though this book contained more fighting than love scenes, I still find myself TOTALLY ENTERTAINED.

I guess I have to warn you first. This book is not intended for everybody. This is not for you if:

You don't like constant fights between the hero and heroine. 
You are not a fan of tattoos.
You don't like mob books.
You didn't like Beautiful Disaster. Lady, if you didn't like my Travis, don't even get started with my Dominic. Leave this book alone. Sorry. Fair warning.
You don't like straight forward characters. 
You don't like profanities.
You like Mary Sue characters.
You like frills and ribbons.
You like Anne of Green Gables.
You don't approve of harems. Not that anyone has a harem here, it just seems that way. lol
You don't like violence. This is my concern about this book. It could come off as a full-of-violence book in someone's point of view. The fighting, the bickering... it could come out as just that. Violent. However, if you get past that, you're golden because underneath all the fighting and bickering, there's depth and where there's depth, there's always a lesson to be learned. :)

Onto the review proper...


Bronagh - She's an Irish girl with a very strong personality. She shuts the whole world out, except for her sister. I think she doesn't know that she's pretty, but based on everyone else's opinion in the book, she IS pretty. Oh, and she has a generous behind. You'll find that this is being emphasized with the book. The funny thing is, I can sort of sympathize with her big-behind problem since I also have one. >.< I was called Tinkerbell for a reason. Short with a fat behind.  What I love about her is that she's a very CONSISTENT character. She's not the angry girl on the outside, scared on the inside. She's more like I'M ANGRY WHEN I'M ANGRY girl. I love it because she's no fake. She just lets herself and the people around her be.

DOMINIC - Well what can I say? Typical guy with lots of money, lots of brothers and a healthy ego. He was described as a really hot 18 year old with tattoos and hot muscles. He's funny enough and he has really nice dimples!

It's tricky to describe this guy without him sounding so violent. Let's just say that he's the jealous type... like really jealous type. You watched Travis fight for his pigeon right? Triple that and you get Dominic. Bronagh better not screw up! haha.

THE OTHER CHARACTERS - LOOKING FORWARD TO THEIR OWN STORIES! They sure are vital to this book. They gave more color to the two main characters. Especially Damien and Branna.


"Surprising. "

That's one word to describe it. I thought that this book is just about a bad boy who meets bad girl. They clash, end of story. NO. IT MOST DEFINITELY ISN'T THAT SIMPLE.

Here's the deal... Yes, I was right, it's about a bad boy who meets his match in a hard-as-nails girl, however, it's also about the lives they lead. For Bronagh, it's about finally coming out of your comfort zone and for Dominic, it's about breaking free.

Dominic and Bronagh have the same circumstance. They both lost their parents in horrible ways. Funny enough, this circumstance led them to each other. Bronagh being the ice princess who wouldn't just crack because she learned to freeze people out to make sure they don't get to close that she'll be hurt when they leave, and Dominic fighting (literally and figuratively) for what remained of his family.

Bronagh learned to live with just her sister while Dominic learned to live with his 5 brothers. Their paths collide and suddenly... it wasn't so bad anymore. :)

The story is hot, enticing and hook-worthy! 

I swear that I didn't see A LOT of things here coming, so I was also shell shocked. I know you would be too! :)  I hope this makes you interested some more!!! COME ON READDDD THIIISSS!


It was amusing and a little exhausting, reading about Bronagh's and Dominic's fights. They were constantly at it!  It was amazing, how they hold very weird conversations that lead to flying shoes, dishes etc. You'd also admire both of their witty and really quick comebacks. Seriously. They were like the bane of each others' existence... for Bronagh that is. Secretly, Dominic has had a thing for her from the start that she didn't really see coming. Even I wouldn't see it right away if I were in Bonagh's place (which I wish... loooll). Classic I-want-your-attention-so-I'll-be-pissing-you-off!!

When they were already together, I thought all fights would stop.. but NOOOO, they really like their mind games / insult games... and most of the time, they end up kissing so forget the fight peeps! haha!


You must look forward to the ending! It promises good things for the next book. The twist came to me in the middle of reading this, I wasn't so sure, but I'm sort of glad that I'm right. I was worried about a certain character here, and THAT ENDING just made it all better for him.

*it's hard to review without spoilers* haha!  whew



Want to get this book now? 
Here's a link:

Oh, the verdict? 4.5 fairy wings!

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