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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

✮ JANUARY - MARCH 2k14 BOOK HAUL by The Rock Chick Fairy

Yes guys, I'm not the Haul Fairy, but I sort of borrowed her powers for a while. :)

I usually visit fairy bookstores whenever I see one. May it be a high end shop, a thrift shop or an all out bargain shop... You name it, I go there so long as there are books inside! ;p

Here are my babies for early this year. They all come from various places of the Fairy Realm, e.g. The National Bookstore for Fairies, Pixie Powerbooks, Fullybooked for fairies, Pixie Booksale and my personal favorite, The Fairy Bookdepository.


Here are some books that belong to various series and I believe I'm almost done with collecting them. Just give me a few fairy eons... or, I could just put a spell on authors that will make them give their books for free to me. Haha! Better watch out for the fairy dust, my dear authors. ;)

As you know, fairies don't get paid extra. We are all pixie-dollar-tight, so imagine my surprise when I came by these babies. For example, I bought Sabriel and Lirael (tpb) for less than $4. What a bargain! The Night Circus (pb) is a shocker too at less than $1! Frostbite (tpb) is fluttering brand new, but I got it for less than $1. Spell Bound, which is a harbound book, was at $3!

Anyway, the other books are just like that, sweet, sweet deals. ♥ 
I thank the gods of pixie dust for that.


I wish I can say the same for my Rick Riordan books (tpb). However, these books are a lot more expensive. They are worth their price though. :)

Romance, romance, romance. Most of these are brand new. Some are tpbs, some are hbs and some are pbs. They come from different places in different shapes, sizes and prices, but I love them all!

That's it for now folks! I'll make sure to update y'all when the authors I put a spell on give me their books. ;p

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