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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Howdy Rock Chicks and everyone in the fairy court today!
Good tidings to you all!

I am here again to bring you awesome news. KRISTEN ASHLEY has put her GHOSTS AND REINCARNATION SERIES and THREE WISHES on sale!!! They're all just .99cents now!!! 

This is great news to me because I tell y'all, this series and that one book (Three Wishes) are books that are oh so close to my heart. I swear it on my life. I am very happy that I get the chance to share my love for them now. I know that a great number of KA fans haven't tried her paranormals yet (based on what I see on Goodreads), so here's your chance now!! 

I am personally giving away 2 sets of GHOSTS AND REINCARNATION SERIES + 2 copies of THREE WISHES. Yes, I am shamelessly taking advantage of the sale!
Just like before, no third parties are involved in my endeavor to promote my beloved KA. This is just all on me. 

Also, in the effort of really enticing you guys to read this, I copied two of my reviews from long ago on Goodreads and pasted them here: 

1. Lacybourne Manor (Ghosts and Reincarnation #3)
2. Three Wishes

P.S. Please forgive my too enthusiastic younger self. :) 

That's it. I hope you guys take a chance on Kristen Ashley's paranormal series, Ghosts and Reincarnation and that BEAUTIFUL, JUST PLAIN BEAUTIFUL Three Wishes. 

The Rafflecopter giveaway is below this page. :) 
Good luck!

Lacybourne Manor (Ghosts and Reincarnation #3), A Rock Chick Fairy Review



Y to the A to the Y!!!

Not as hot as all the other KA books but still, this one's lovable and awesome.

I expected to love it because:

1. It's Kristen Ashley! C'mon.. we all know how she works.. ;p
2. There's magic
3. They're frikkin reincarnated and I love that!

And yes, it didn't fail me. Not only was their relationship a very interesting thing to read about, the characters were just all very lovable! I even love the grannies and grandpas! The plot was totally good! I have no problems whatsoever about the magic stuff and the hot alpha hero. 

Colin wasn't easy to like at first. He was so suspicious about Sybil's motive that I kinda hated him. He gradually grew on me with his protectiveness once he confirmed that Sybil is THE ONE. I find his jealousy of ROyce to be quite adorable. haha! I enjoyed his "eating-my-words" scene when he found out the truth about Sybil. On the other hand, I loved Sybil right away! She's just an amazing character. I've known and trusted KA for giving out unique heroines in all of her books. This one is hands-down, one of her best heroines. I love Sybil because she's very passionate... EXTREMELY PASSIONATE, if I may say so my self. She's passionate in helping everyone and in being concerned about everything. I love how she talks to everyone as if they're her responsibility. I love how she let Colin care for her even though she knows that she can take care of her self. I also love how she still loved Colin even when she doubted him. The other characters were all so nice to them too that I can't help but love them all! Even Mags and Phoebe! They made me laugh hard! ;p

Their story of reincarnation is by far, one of the most enjoyable ones I've read. You see, these two are the exact replicas of two lovers who lived in the past, except that they had a switch with the colors of their hair. They found each other in the present and even with the whole confusion about their past lives, they were still able to find their connection and they were able to fall for each other all over again. They now face the challenge of not repeating history. They had a bad ending in the past so now, they are doing all they can not to have that ending again. It was all fun to read, thrilling even. Of course, it was also hilarious at some parts. There wasn't much conflict here except for their past lives which was catching up to them. In the end, they were able to defeat that "black spirit" and they lived happily ever after. Yes, I can say that THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER because reading this novel just felt as if I was reading a fairy tale. 

This is special too because of the "doggy" part. I am in love with dogs, and Mallory? All I can say is AWWWWWWWWWW...

I wish that there's really a dog heaven out there. ;) 

So there we have it. Another one of KA's best! I love you KA!!!! ^_^



I can't believe I haven't read this before. I guess I was too wary of finishing ALL of KA's books (since I won't have anythig left to read after).

A friend of mine strongly recommended this. She was telling me how different it is from the other books because this time, it's the hero who has a lot of issues in life. Boy was she right! The hero has some issues the size of a bulldozer and he carries it inside like a man possessed. He was always thinking that he's moving in borrowed time. I mean, hey, it's okay to fear that someday all things would end, but his fear was all consuming and gut wrenching it wasn't even funny. I can't believe I'll be saying this about a hero, but damn he was so frustrating at times. He's lucky that he's tall, dark and handsome, narrow hipped and powerful. I guess after all he's been through, it was just natural for him to think that he doesn't deserve all good things that have been thrown his way. He's also sooooo verrryyy lucky that the heroine was willing to fix him. 

The heroine, of course was also unique in her own way. You see, I think KA makes three different kinds of heroines, 1. hard as nails, kickass, badass women with a little sweet side 2. sweet girls, a little nerdy and too cute, bubbly and gentle type with a backbone 3. a mixture of the first two... Now if this couple had not been through what they had in this book, I'd think that the heroine here is a type 2. But yeah, after facing what she faced, I'd say she's a type 3. I love her because she's just plain perfect, I mean, how perfect can you really be when you have been created by a genie as a wish? She just completes the whole package of this book.

What I love about this as well, is the plot itself. It's so uniquely carved. Who would've thought that I would love another book with genies with it? I love Aladdin, but I thought it was a fluke. haha. Oh well... Anyway, this was like a friggin soap opera. The trials that they faced were brutal and still, I love it! I couldn't do anything else as soon as i started reading this. Yes, the story is THAT GOOD!

All in all, this was such a nice, dramatic and heart tugging book. I hope everyone reads it. ;)

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  1. LOVE ghosts over genies. Djinn are another story. Do I BELIEVE in paranormal entities? That's complicated. I believe in the inability to destroy matter/energy under any circumstances so is it POSSIBLE for the matter/energy of a being to become permutated into something ELSE after death? Sure. I can buy the existence of paranormal entities.

    1. Shandra, that's a very smart and carefully crafted answer! I love your reasoning! :)

      ~Rock Chick Fairy

  2. Who wouldn't rather hvae a genie and some wishes?

    1. Haha! Yeah who wouldn't?! ^_^ Wishes for the win!

  3. I do believe in ghosts, but not genies. I believe that we are separated from our bodies at death, but that does not mean we are unable to pass between the veil.

    1. "we are separated from our bodies at death" but that does not mean we are unable to pass between the veil. --> Totally agree with this statement.

  4. i dont believe in ghosts or genies. if i have to choose bet the 2 genies of course. best paranormal character for me? hmmm not really big on paranormal series so i dont really know. the best paranormal series for me is lux series by jla

  5. I do believe in ghosts, but not genies.

  6. I only read about demons so far... I should have read some more to be able to respond this.

    1. WOAH... Hey Irma!! I recommend reading ALL books in the IMMORTALS AFTER DARK SERIES by KRESLEY COLE, plus THE THREE by KRISTEN ASHLEY. I swear those books (and more) will make you a PNR believer! ^__________^

  7. I want to believe in genies and not ghosts cuz genies grant wishes and are funny and ghosts are scarey! So obviously for those reasons Genies are much better than ghosts! lol My favorite paranormal character is Wrath from J.R. Ward's Blackdagger Brotherhood series because he is so loving and compassionate for his wife, brothers and his subjects and so badass too!

  8. I believe in Ghost - genies maybe a little because I believe in magic.

    My favourite Paranormal Character - Dimitiri from the Kadenburg Shifter Series by T.E. Ridiner because he watch he mate be killed and still believes in love and his caring and protective of his mates family

  9. I do believe in qhosts but no genies. I love Daniel from Lauren Kate's Fallen series. Daniels love for Luce is amazing.

  10. I don't believe in Ghosts and I wish I had a Genies. Magical and Wishes
    don't have a favorite! Must read more

  11. I believe in ghost bit not so much genies. Fuzz who would want to know they have someone looking over them

  12. Genies are better cuffs they actually grant wishes lol

  13. White tiger softer cuz that's my animal!

  14. I do believe in ghost, when I was younger I had an encounter. But I do not believe in genies, but if one would love to appear and prove me wrong by all means please do!

  15. I don't know which is better, genies grant wishes if they were real.

  16. Really they only paranormal book I have read is Twilight. But I really want to broading that horizon!

  17. Do you believe in ghosts? What about in Genies? Why or why not?

    Totally believe in ghost. I always get the odd feeling like something is watching me every once in a while. When nothings there its a gut feeling that its a ghost.

    As for genies... wishful thinking would like to say yes. But realistically no I dont but it would be cool if they did exist.

  18. What is the best paranormal character that you've ever read about? Why is that the best for you? :)

    Hmmm the best for me is the characters are shapeshifters such as Mercy Thompson from Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. I love the ability of heightened senses and the wolves are also so alpha and awesome lol.

  19. Daemon Black! How could there be any other?!?!??

  20. Agree with Lori Christensen... Daemon Black!!!!! #TeamDaemon

  21. I don't I have to see it to believe it.

  22. My favorite is shapeshifters the way they can change into animals their strength and senses. Some of them have special ability to that is awesome!!!