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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Finding Dandelion Blog Tour Banner

Finding Dandelion (Dearest #2)
Lex Martin
A New Adult Romance


About Finding Dandelion

When soccer all-star Jax Avery collides with Dani Hart on his twenty-first birthday, their connection is instantaneous and explosive. For the first time in years, Jax isn’t interested in his usual hit-it and quit-it approach.

But Dani knows better. Allowing herself a night to be carefree and feel the intensity of their attraction won’t change anything when it comes to dealing with a player. So when Jax doesn’t recognize Dani the next time he sees her, it shouldn’t be a total shock. The fact that he’s her new roommate's brother? That’s a shock.

Dani doesn’t regret that night with Jax, just the need to lie about it. Since her roommate has made it clear what she thinks about her brother’s “type” of girl, the last thing Dani wants is to admit what happened.

Jax knows he’s walking a fine line on the soccer team. One more misstep and he’s off the roster, his plans to go pro be damned. Except he can’t seem to care. About anything… except for the one girl who keeps invading his dreams.

Despite Jax’s fuzzy memory of his hot hookup with his sister’s friend, he can’t stay away from her, even if it means breaking his own rules. But there are bigger forces at work–realities that can end Dani’s college career and lies that can tear them apart.

Jax realizes what he’s losing if Dani walks away, but will he sacrifice his future to be with her? And will she let him if he does?

FINDING DANDELION, the second book in the Dearest series, is a stand-alone novel. This New Adult romance is recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.  

an UNFORGETTABLE convo review by:
 The Mauve Fairy, The Rock Chick Fairy and the Midnight Fairy

We know that Lex knows how we fairies felt with the previous cover of Dearest Clementine. Any comment on Finding Dandelion’s cover?
MauveF: Oh wow! The cover is W-O-W!! Yup capital letters. When I first saw it, I can’t help but keep on gushing and getting excited about this book. I know who did the graphic design which is Krista Ritchie, one of the twin authors of my beloved Addicted Series. She’s been doing their teasers and she’s a genius! She has a flair for these things apparently and her talent runs not only in writing but designing as well. Good job Krista!! High five! And I’m glad that Lex took the chance to have someone talented design her covers because I think a cover of a book is one selling factor. Not to add the cliché that first impression lasts. So there.

RockChickF: Needless to say, the cover is just plain AWESOME! :) 

MidnightF: I love the cover! It's gorgeous!
We reviewed Dearest Clementine and we all loved that book. What were you expecting to read in Finding Dandelion?
MauveF: Hmmm I was expecting the same feelings when I read Dearest Clementine. There were comical, witty, hot-sexy, awwwww, heart-fluttering moments. There were also lots of friendship banters, and lots of unusual words. Jax was described in book 1 as a hot soccer player in his college. And who wants to pass up a sex-on-stick athlete dude? Not this girl!! LOL

RockChickF: To be honest, I was expecting to be pissed at Jax because hell, I was not satisfied with his character in Clementine's book. I expected to hate him and love Dani. I expected to have many complaints.

MidnightF: I loved Dearest Clementine and right after reading the book I knew that I have to read Jax''s story. Unlike RockchickF, I already felt that Jax isn't the person everyone is telling about in book 1. Sure he's rich, hot, popular, and a player but it felt like there's more to him than that... I expected Lex to show us a different side of Jax, something that he is hiding from the rest of the world. 
Would you say that you got what you expected?
MauveF: Oh yes i sure did! And way way more!

RockChickF: No. I GOT WAY MORE. I GOT A VERY LIKABLE JAX and I got more from Dani's character. ♥

MidnightF: Absolutely! Lex nailed it, again. 
Let’s talk about the plot and story line...
MauveF: The plot is all about college romance. And since this is a romance book, expect a lot of passionate, tender and loving moments. So there is this super hot college athlete who’s also affluent. He’s a womanizer, sleeps with all things that wear skirt but there is actually a reason why Jax’s like this. The other main character is Dani who is Clem’s roommate. She was hurt before and she has a bucket list and one of her list is to have a one night stand. Jax is celebrating his twenty first birthday and they met at his party. They have such a sexual chemistry and can’t help but hooked up that night. But something happened and Jax needs to go home immediately. The next time they meet, he can’t remember what happened and Dani was hurt. And there goes the story.

RockChickF: Unsurprisingly, the plot is good! I love the mystery and I love the gradual development of Jax' and Dani's characters. 

MidnightF: Finding Dandelion have a very interesting plot line. I enjoyed watching Dani do stuff out of her comfort zone and at the same time I loved seeing Jax' kind and endearing traits. It was amazing to see how the characters developed and how they resolved their personal issues. 
Describe Dani. What do you love or disliked about her?
MauveF: I love Dani. She is soooooo funny and a goof. I literally laughed out loud at her silly antics. Look at these lines:

He was amazing. I came like a fucking category-five hurricane.

“The thing about Reid is he couldn’t find my clit if it had a neon sign and balloons attached to it.”

It would be so much easier if I could disconnect from my attraction to him, but my body wants him the way a diabetic lusts for fudge. I swear his pheromones must be super charged because if he’s in the room, my follicles stand on end like he’s magnetized.

“You mean, am I glad that I had my privates glazed and de-furred by a German woman I swear was a Nazi in a former life?
Because I have a huge-ass crush on you? Because I want to have your babies? Because I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we met?

Hahaha, I can’t help but laugh! Don’t you just love her?

RockChickF: I love how Dani thinks. She has this concrete view about some things. Plus, it helps that she's so hilarious without meaning to be hilarious! ^_^

MidnightF: I understand what you mean RockChickF! She's funny without meaning to. Anyway, I liked how she tries to live a little by doing crazy stuff. It takes guts to do those things she did, specially if you are originally a shy and silent kind of person. On the other hand, I didn't like how oblivious she was about her mom's condition. I became suspicious right away when her mom said that the video cam was broken, etc. However, I understand that Dani have a lot of things in her mind that she missed those signs. It's just sad that she didn't get to spend more time with her mom.
Illustrate Jax.
MauveF: Jax is an asshole! There were so many times I want to punch him and smack him at the head. But he’s a volcanic, lovable, extremely adorable, cute and charming asshole. The way he cares for Chloe, that was what endeared me to him.

“Had to squeeze in a blow job. It’s what gives me my superhuman strength.”

“Sure thing. We can even play the princess and the knight. You’ll be the princess, of course. I’ll be the knight. This time, you can even ride a horsey.”

Have I been abducted by aliens? Or is this incredibly hot girl on my couch about to sext another chick?

RockChickF: I beg to disagree, Mauve. I think Jax WAS an a-hole. haha! He was.. and then he just wasn't. I love him for being imperfect. I love him because he really was mind-boggled by Dani. It was oh so cute, the way he thought of Dani. In his mind, he already liked the girl for the longest time. There's just something lovable about that. I love how he thinks. I remember reading Dani's POVs faster so that I could get to Jax' POV. ;D He's pretty awesome... and hot. :) 

MidnightF: Jax is a complex character. He's not what everyone thinks he is. I like the different sides of him. The "public" Jax which is the rich womanizing guy, and the "private" Jax which is a genuinely nice guy... someone who babysit and plays with a kid, a guy who had a difficult childhood, etc. He can be a real a** sometimes, but there are reasons for his actions. Jax is flawed, and that's exactly what I loved about him. 
What can you say about the secondary characters? Is there anyone you'd want to mention?
MauveF: Travis!! He’s the ultimate BFF. Caring, concerned, a true friend to Dani. I wish he has his own book. I’m not shy with MM themes.

RockChickF: High five, Mauve! I love Travis too. He's just... always there for Dani. This book totally made me want a gay bff for myself!

MidnightF: It's a 3/3 then, I liked Travis too! He's such a great friend. I had a lot of gay friends since I was in grade school and they are really fun to hang out with.
Enumerate the things you loved in this book.
MauveF: I love that the story made me laugh, made me cry, made me swoon, made me melt, made my heart aches, and made me smile throughout the time I was reading it. I also love that the story is not the complicated, deals with so much angst that you can’t breathe and makes you want to throw your ereader type of story. I mean the story is not forced, the conflicts are not the fabricated kind. I love that it made me wish that there are more books like this so I will be in book-heaven most of my reading-time. And I love love that Lex is good at what she does and gives us books like this to love and cherish!

RockChickF: Like Mauve, I love how the story is funny, I love how it has drama and I love how the author wrote their romance. In my opinion, this book is a complete food for a person's emotion. It fed my want for love, hilarity and heartfelt moments.

MidnightF: I loved the story, the characters, the writing style and the emotion this book evoked. It was a wonderful read for me, I finished it in one-sitting. Great job Lex!
Tell us about some things that you didn't like.
MauveF: That unfortunate event at the end of the novel, I almost cursed Lex for making me cry hahaha. Snots running down my nose and my heart is grieving with Dani waaa

RockChickF: I didn't like the way Jax interacts with his mom. I think that if he'd had full conviction to cut his mom off his business from the start, he wouldn't have such big problems. LOL. The way his mom handled Dani's umm.. accident is just horrible! Added to the fact that she totally ruined Clem's perception in the past... Well, let's just say that I definitely don't like the lady. 

MidnightF: I didn't like the part where Jax became suspicious about Dani's behavior, and that he believed his mother's lies. However, I couldn't stay mad at him because I understand where he's coming from. So, I didn't like that part but I wouldn't want it changed/removed from the story it either.
Favorite moment/s in the book
MauveF: I love the scenes during Dani’s recuperating period. They’re so sweet and Jax and Dani were able to get past their differences and awkwardness and were able to get to know each other. And there are so many sigh-worthy moments.  And I love the parts where Chloe is present. I love books with kids! They’re fun to read!

RockChickF: I love their "friends" scenes. Haha! I swear I was LMAO when they were both trying to have a platonic relationship. I think we all love the after-accident scenes. They were just so adorable. Dani loosened up and that's awesome! ;) Gee.. I wonder what else Jax heard with all of those drugs in her system! 

MidnightF: I loved the scenes with Chloe in it, it makes Jack endearing. And like the MauveF, I loved the moments when Jax took care of Dani after the accident. =D
Favorite quotes or lines in the book.
MauveF: I love these lines!

Finding Dandelion is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

“Can I tell you I’ve been dying for you to fuck me senseless for the last four months?”

“Is there one perfect girl out there for Jax Avery who will help him get past his man-whoring ways?” She narrows her eyes as she reads the message that floats to the top. “It is decidedly so.”

“We stay together.” “Because you’re what makes me want everything else.”

RockChickF: "I think I'm in love with you." "It's about time." --> A badass response, if I say so myself. ;D

MidnightF: I like the following lines:

There’s nothing wrong with being nice. I’ve hated that description for so long, but I’m done apologizing for who I am.

“Danielle, don’t be afraid to fall in love. It’s scary as hell, but it’s worth it.”
How do you feel after reading Finding Dandelion.
MauveF: I was happy and contented and my heart ached. I felt gloriously elated. So many feels! This is the kind of book that when you start reading it, you cannot stop. And time flies by. You’re not aware of your surroundings. You’re in your own bubble and the characters are the only ones that exist. And after closing the book you stare ahead of you, not seeing anything but in your mind you’re reliving all the things that transpired, imagining again all the things that happened! And you cannot help but miss the characters again. Hoping you can unread the book so you can read it again. *sigh*

RockChickF: I felt predominantly happy. There are so many things that could be said about this book. It's just truly one emotional ride. I love where the characters are in the end. I love what happened to them and I'm just so happy for them...like they're real people (which, of course, in my mind they are!).

MidnightF: Very satisfied! After the emotional roller coaster ride, the epilogue just made me happy. I'm so glad that Dani and Jax got their HEA. 
In a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, would you recommend this book to your friends?
MauveF: 20! Highly recommend. This is my kind of story; funny, romantic, hot and sexy. I will coerce my friends and anyone I know who loves to read to get this book and read it!

RockChickF: THIS BOOK IS MOST DEFINITELY A 10! I recommend it to all of my friends!

MidnightF: 10! I highly recommend this book specially to those who enjoy a good NA novel.
Insights gained.
MauveF: It seems communication is always a problem. So to avoid miscommunication, we really need to learn how to express how we feel, to always tell and be truthful of what we’re feeling. There will be no fights or war if we just know how to speak and talk.

RockChickF: To me, not only did this book tackle Jax' and Dani's relationship. It also tackled the way a person views himself/herself. Self worth is clearly not determined by how much a person's bank account is. Self worth, is also not determined by the number of friends you have. We should always remember that our worth is wholly up to us. When times get tough and special type of people stay by your side, chalk it all up to your self worth. :) 

MidnightF: I agree with MauveF. Also, its important in a relationship to trust your partner. I guess in Jax' case it was hard for him to trust someone because of his past, I get that. However, if you think that there could be a future with that person you're in a relationship with, there's nothing wrong in giving your trust to him/her. It maybe hard at first, but if you can talk to your partner about it, maybe he/she will understand.
We know that book 3 is about Daren, Clem’s ex bf that cheated on her during HS. How do you feel about this?
MauveF: I hate cheaters so I don’t like Daren. But since I had fun reading the first two books, I will still read the third one. And I want to hear his side of the story. Though I would prefer to read about Travis instead, Daren would need to do something out of this world so he can redeem himself in my eyes. This is a challenge to Lex, make me love and swoon and melt with Daren.

RockChickF: Well, Lex made me a Jax believer right? I found Jax to be a giant uncaring ass on the first book, but now I like him... Maybe that'll happen too for Daren. However, as I hate cheaters... HE HAS TO FALL ON HIS FEET AND BOW DOWN BEFORE ME FIRST BEFORE I TAKE HIS SIDE. Just saying.. *LoveyaLex!* *teehee*

MidnightF: I am expecting Lex to weave her magic and make us fall for Daren despite how we hated him in Dearest Clementine. I honestly didn't expect to like Jax this much but I did. So, I'll give Daren a chance. Maybe there's  more to him than what we saw in the previous book. And please, make him dump Veronica already!
Your rating?
MauveF: 10 Fairy Wings!! What’s not to love? Kickass heroine, drool-worthy hero, hilarious banters, hot and steamy scenes, mushy moments! I really took pleasure in reading this book. All my expectations were met. It had me laughing and swooning and made me shed tears. I can never ask for more! All the things I look for in a book are here!


MidnightF: 5 Fairy Wings!!! It was such a great read. Thank you Ms. Martin for another amazing novel. 

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Finding Dandelion Official Cover
Dearest Clementine (Dearest, #1)



Twenty-year-old Clementine Avery doesn't mind being called bitchy and closed off. It's safe, and after being burned by her high school sweetheart and stalked by a professor her freshman year of college, safe sounds pretty damn good.

Her number one rule for survival? No dating. That is until she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class and needs material for her latest assignment. Sexy RA Gavin Murphy is more than happy to play the part of book boyfriend to help Clem find some inspiration, even if that means making out...in the name of research, of course.

As Gavin and Clem grow closer, they get entangled in the mystery surrounding a missing Boston University student, and Clem unwittingly becomes a possible target. Gavin tries to show Clem she can handle falling in love again, but she knows she has to be careful because her heart’s at stake…and maybe even her life.

DEAREST CLEMENTINE is a stand-alone novel with two companion novels. This New Adult romance is recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

About the Author


Lex Martin writes new adult novels, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. When she's not writing, she lives a parallel life as an English teacher. She loves printing black and white photos, listening to music on vinyl, and getting lost in a great book. Bitten by wanderlust, this native Texan has lived all over the country but currently resides in the City of Angels with her husband and twin daughters. 

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