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Friday, July 4, 2014


TITLE: Breaking My Heart (Book 1 of My Heart Series)
AUTHOR: Aleya Michelle
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLISHER: Self Published
REVIEWER: Mauve Fairy
RATING: 3.5 Fairy Wings



Roxy is a fighter, she is strong and independent. She knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go after it, especially when it comes to men. Roxy thinks she has men figured out, that is until she meets Kade. He storms into her life like a knight on a white horse to save her. He makes her question everything she ever thought she knew about life, men and herself. 

With a past that keeps holding her back will Kade be able to break down her walls? Will he be able to prove to Roxy that everything she thinks she knows about men is wrong, or will he prove her right?

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Excerpt 1

Fuck you make me hot Roxy.
I’ve never been so turned on in my entire existence.
Your curvaceous body, lips made for kissing and skin so soft and untouched.
I am so greedy when it comes to you, so get used to sex morning, noon and night from here to eternity princess.’
Kade – Breaking My Heart

Excerpt 2

Okay well there’s a glimpse of the girl that makes my heart skip a beat, her true emotions, her honesty.
Her walls are definitely up.
Do I want to have to break down those walls?
Will it be mission impossible?
Will I get hurt again? Fuck
I can’t resist this woman!
As irritating, confusing and frustrating as she is, I just can’t resist her!

Books to follow in this series.

Book 2 – ‘Healing My Heart ‘due for release August 26th 2014
Book 3 – ‘Forever in My Heart’ due for release Nov 2014.


First of all, I want to thank the author for providing an ARC. It is an understanding that an honest review will be traded for her generosity. Secondly, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to reviewing ARCs. It puts pressure on me since the material is free, but I have to say that in this case, there wasn't any pressure. I am very sincere about what I have written in this review, so without much further ado....

✽  The Story ✽ 

This book is about two people who are the exact opposite of each other. Roxy is worldly, has a lot of experience when it comes to the opposite sex, while Kade is the inexperienced one. It's a refreshing plot since in most of the books, it is the hero who's more sophisticated and it's the heroine who's  shy and virginal.  We get to know the characters here, how they are as a friend, as a son and daughter, and most importantly, as a lover and a love partner. 

This story deals with the ins and out of a relationship and I'm glad that the author narrated a realistic one. The arguments, the jealousy, those are parts of a relationship and heavily portrayed in this narrative. The characters felt very real, with their feelings, making them spontaneous in their verbal communications with each other.

✽  The Characters ✽ 

Meet Roxy. She's a party girl, loves to dance in clubs, loves her bffs, and loves to have a good time. Every weekend is all about having a good time for her after a week of work and studies at the uni. She's the kind of girl who loves to have sex, very forward, goes for what she wants and does not hold back. She had learned to be independent and to rely on herself because of a traumatic childhood. She had her walls up since she was hurt before. She was afraid of letting Kade in at first. But as the story unfolds, she learned to love him and trusted him enough to put her walls down. My only comment about her is her use of drugs in the beginning of the book. I am glad though, that she was able to eradicate that bad habit when she and Kade got together.

Meet Kade, a shy, inexperienced boy who loves his job in construction and has a mad love for surfing. His goal is to become pro. He was a virgin until Roxy came along. It was not disclosed why he's still untouched at the age of twenty three though. He was described in the book as tall and hot, good looking and with a surfer body that women drools over. His first relationship is with Roxy. He is a sweet boyfriend, but a rather possessive and a jealous one. He gets angry with Roxy whenever he encounters some of her past hook ups. I also got the impression that he's a bit immature. That scene in his mate's wedding made me a little angry with him. Plus, the way he handled his problem in the end, running away from it rather than dealing with the pain is a minus point for him.

✽  The Conclusion of the Story ✽ 

It's sad to say, but this story has a sad ending. Kade and Roxy does not have a happy ending in this book. However, don't you all worry. This is just the first book of the series. I'm not sure how many books are there, but there's definitely a book two. You can even read the early part of it at the end of this book. And I must say, after reading that part, my curiosity got the best of me. I now want to read book two and see where their story will go next.

Yes, this story ends with a cliffhanger, but it's not the kind of close call that will make you gasp and leave you breathless and would make you smack your head and will make you scream "I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!" It will simply leave you hanging and wanting that you have book two already. And I think that's why there is an excerpt at the end of the book. You may want to read it so you will have an early feel on what's to expect on the next book.

✽  General Impression ✽  

I have to say that this is an okay read. No, I'm not in love with it. There are times wherein I felt like the pacing of the story is slow then it will pick up then nothing again. There were also times that i feel that they're running in circles. 

Basically, this book is about Kade and Roxy's romance. Their love story is not that complicated. Kade and Roxy went through their relationship just like any couples do. There were arguments and then they make up. There are times that life gets in the way and they try to handle the problems that go their way just like any human beings. There was no cheating involved so you can all breathe easily. There's not even a third party involved, so no love triangle.

If you're big on cutesy-mushy-touchy-feel romance, then you're on the right track. Aleya wrote some sweet moments that you can't help but say awwwwww. There were sappy words that will melt the most romantic of hearts. Not too mention those hot sexy scenes. This book has all the right ingredients really.  If I'm a chef, then I would say this is one delicious meal.


3.5 Fairy Wings


Born and raised in Sydney, NSW I am in my thirties and happily married with 3 gorgeous boys.

My first love has always been reading, so the writing side is very natural to me. Favourite books include anything by AbbiGlines, but Fallen too Far is a favourite, Pulse & Collide by Gail McHugh and The Driven trilogy by K Bromberg.

Hobbies of mine are playing netball; shopping and I love listening to music. I add it into my writing frequently.

I am totally enjoying this rollercoaster of being an Indie author and hoping others enjoy my writing as much as I love writing it.



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