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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


New Adult Sci-Fi Romance

Date Published: June 19, 2014

Earth is being invaded. There was no warning and no time to stage any kind of defence. Instead countries started to go silent. They were no longer reachable and no one knew what was happening.
So when Canada went dark; everyone knew America would be next.

My name is Matilda, but everyone calls me Mattie. I was at college in Oregon when the attack began. By the time Canada went quiet, we’d had enough. So two of my friends and I decided to join the fight in Vancouver and find out what was really happening.
That is when everything changed. What we found was death, destruction and machines that were slaughtering humans. There would be no escape for us; no place to go where the machines couldn't reach us.
I had no future, but then I met him.

My name is Marduke and I’m part of the reason Earth is being invaded. I’m from a different planet and even though I look human, I’m not. But when Earth was invaded, I began running from my family and running for my life.
Then she saved me.
She made me feel something I’d never felt before. She saved my life and opened my heart to the possibility of love, she changed me forever.

What are the chances of finding your true love right when the world is ending? What kind of cruel fate places them together under those circumstances?
What is she supposed to do when he tells her he is not from Earth? When she finds out that he is one of the invaders?
What does she do when she finds out everything she thought she knew was wrong?
What does he do when he has to make a choice between protecting her and saving himself?
How can they overcome everything standing in their way?


 An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. 

EARTH is one book that we humans shouldn't miss.

What if aliens suddenly decide to rid us of our planet because we're not taking proper care of it?

This is a story of two races that collide and make one hell of a universal mess. It's a story about chances, forgiveness, friendship and survival.


Marduke is from planet Oden. He's smart, strong and loyal to his family. Well, he was loyal until he meets Mattie. Mattie is an admirable girl with a strong personality. She's a girl who plays basketball and goes hunting with her dad. Yeah, she's a tomboy and that makes her a great survivor in the tragedy that came to the Earth. She's so strong, but of course there's a softness to all that hardness in her personality. That's where Marduke comes in. However, Marduke is from another planet. A planet that wants to invade Earth. Mattie is from Earth. Needless to say, it poses a big problem. I rooted for their relationship though. I like how their love story wasn't really hurried up. It was gradual (in my opinion). They were so sweet, thinking of each other in each other's POV. I enjoyed reading about how they started caring for each other. It's cute and lovable, though I am also thankful because the story didn't really revolve only on their love story. 


Lisa and Hank are good people. They didn't leave Mattie alone and they were there through and through. In a world full of chaos, I want my own Lisa and Hank. It doesn't even matter to me that I could be a third wheel. They are so loyal. :) These two characters make this book more interesting too. Their love story is kinda inspirational. I hope that in the future books, they'll have what they want for their future. :) 


I must say, the antagonists here have their own unique characteristics. I could almost touch the ummm... robots. I could also almost pull the hair of Marduke's brother.. Well, I want to, that is. LOL. The kids also made the book interesting. Running with another small child is very risky and it upped the danger for these characters, thus making it more thrilling. All of them made the book really exciting and also colorful. I wish to see more characters in the next book. 


This book is indeed full of action. It was like watching a movie. There's action at every turn. I wasn't bored, not for even one second! It's a really awesome ride!


THE PROMISE OF TRAVELLING TO OTHER PLANETS. I love the fact that Marduke explains his own heritage. I really like it  that he came from another world. I love that this book promises great things. I am so excited to see more planets and more places. 


APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE RIGHT NOW. Think first before doing things that can destroy not only our environment, but also our own bodies. What struck me most here is the hesitancy of Marduke to do/eat things that he knows are bad for his body or environment. His planet actually has a point in capturing the Earth. I don't have to be an environmentalist or nutritionist to know that we humans are doing more damage than good to the Earth right now. This is why I was kind of ashamed by my own bad habits. I think this book managed to guilt me into lessening (since I'm not sure if I can give it up altogether) some bad stuff that I do to myself and to the environment. 


I want to see what they will do to humans and I want to see more of other planets. I also want to see other POVs. This is bizarre because I usually hate having many POVs. I don't know... I just want to see what Hank and Lisa think. :) 

When I was reading this, it felt real. I felt as if this could really happen. Now, I kinda don't want to drink soda anymore, or eat junk/ fast foods. It has life lessons for humans. This should really be made into a movie! It deserves all the applause! The author is damn good for making me feel that this book could be true someday. 

I am definitely lucky to have read this book in advance. I want to read the next one ASAP.. LIKE NOW!! :) 

I give this book a solid 5 fairy wings!


The truck moves again and this time we do topple over. Neither of us have put seatbelts on, so we both crash to the ceiling, my head taking most of the impact as my legs fall into the steering wheel.
I scream in shock, and as my mind catches up, I realise there is no way Hank and Lisa would be okay after being crushed into the road.
“Hank!” I scream out again, panicking as the truck is hit once more and we slide along the road. “Lisa!” I screech when we finally stop and hands grab hold of me, dragging me through the windshield which broke long ago.
It’s Hank, and as he drags me free, he quickly moves back to take hold of Marduke. Blood pours down from my forehead, but I don’t bother checking myself any further. My eyes first find the machine as it leers over us then I see Lisa off to the side, hiding by some bushes.
“We need to get out of here, now!” Hank has Marduke up and on his feet. The truck shakes as the machine shoots at it, and I’m half expecting a fireball to burst out at us.
“Take this!” I thrust the grenade into Hank’s hand and then wrap Marduke’s arm over my shoulder.
Hank begins shooting with the handgun, heading around the truck and jogging in the opposite direction to Lisa.
I stumble her way with Marduke, hoping Hank can keep the attention on him while we get away.
Marduke grunts in pain as he has to put heavy pressure on his knee, and I cry in shock when I feel his body jolt forward from the impact of a bullet hitting his back. He pushes me off him and I lose my balance, falling to the ground.
“Run!” he yells at me. But before I can even consider moving at all, an explosion erupts and everything goes black.



Jessica Frances

Born and raised in South Australia, Jessica spends her days working in a bakery, afternoons catching up on lost sleep, and nights reading and writing. After having the Taken Trilogy taking up space in her head for years, she was relieved to have a break and her mind clear. But apparently the free rent was spoken to Mattie and her friends, because now she is hearing new voices and a whole new story. The Invasion Trilogy was then born.


  1. Thank you so much for that amazingly written and incredibly nice review! I really appreciate you being a part of the review tour! :) – Jessica Frances

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for letting us read this book. I AM SO HONORED. This book is amazing. Please RELEASE THE NEXT ONE FAST! ^_^


  2. I love the idea of different cultures coming together to face a deadly enemy

    1. I know! Me too! So excited to see how they battle it out on the next book. I am expecting more action!!! ;p


  3. This one is realy fantastic review. It made me wanna read this book.

    1. THANK YOU! Please give it a try! ^_^ It's awesome!

  4. What intrigues me most about the book is that it's Science Fiction and Romance. My favorite genre.

    1. GREAT!!! Please read it! This is really good and I'm rooting for their love story! ^_^ The Scifi part here is just... badass!


  5. It is the first book I have seen that is in a New Adult Sci-Fi genre, so I am curious to read it