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Monday, February 24, 2014

❤ WORTH THE CHANCE (MMA Fighter #2) by Vi Keeland : A Rock Chick Fairy book review

Oh! MMA FIGHTERS.... Why are you all so hot?

Hi y'all! Rock Chick Fairy here. I'll let you in on a secret. I can honestly say that I have never, in my entire life, watched an MMA fight. Sure, my friends tell me to do so, but it just isn't at the top of my things-I-want-to-experience-ASAP list. However, this year, I started reading about these hot men mostly with quick temper, but good to the core. MMA fighters sure bring my reading life one step higher. So yeah, maybe I'll give it a shot and watch someday.

Enough about the introductions...

Let's get on with the review!

Let's start this with Vinny... errm.. Vince. It's so weird at first, reading about him here when he was still very young in the first book. He's all grown up now and he's hot! He's an overprotective he-man and he likes to play rough (considering the nature of his job, this wasn't surprising at all). He's a fighter who has a sordid past and a sort-of junkie for a mother. I like it that he still respects and takes care of his mother after everything.

In this book, you'll see glimpses of the Vinny in the past. You'd see that he was the highschool bad boy heart throb and you'd also see how wrapped up he was with his younger tutor, Liv. It was nice reading about them because they were so cute together. It was just so sad that they lost their way in the past, but never fear.. fate is here! They meet again and BAM! Insta-attraction (the second time around) at its finest! What I liked about Vinny most is that he seems willing to change for Liv. I mean, he really did change for the better to make them work out together.

On the other hand.. We have Olivia, "Liv".. She's not a shy woman, but she's also not your everyday drama queen. She's just.. hmm.. how to put it? She's quite plain if you ask me. What makes her speacial is that she's an aspiring writer who really has a talent for creative writing. However, her job requires her to do dirty things. Dirty things as in unearth secrets of people. I can't count how many times I got frustrated with her character because she couldn't open up fully to Vinny. Vinny has grown up into a big man, so I just though he could handle more problems thrown his way, but Liv decided to keep it all to her self.

Luckily, when everything spilled over, it didn't take too long for them to patch things up. It all ended well and yes, they had their happily ever after.

The twist in the story (the controversy), by the way,  is pretty good. I didn't expect it to be like that. To me, it was unique.

What I also love about this book is that it gives us many things to ponder on.

It shows us that there are many kinds of love. There's a love that you meet when you're young that just wouldn't go away even when you're older. There's a love that will never go away even though bad things stare you in the face. There's a love for things that you've lost, but never really had. There's a love that forgives everything.. and that love gives you hope. ❤

This book also lets you know that there are spoiled brats in the world and they'll eat you alive if you let them.

Most of all, this book shows you the value of listening. :) When a person jumps to conclusions, it often results into bad things.

Anyway, it was also nice seeing Nico and Elle. I've missed those two and I'm so happy for them. I think they made the story more colorful.

That's it. I really really really am looking forward to the next book. It's Jax! OMG! ^_____^ Can I please just have the next book now?? Please pretty please?! :) I will give up my wings for that. Kidding! Okay maybe one of my wings. ;p

RATING: 4.5 wings

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