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Sunday, February 23, 2014

❤ KALEIDOSCOPE (Colorado Mountain #6) by Kristen Ashley: A Rock Chick Fairy book review

Hello one and all! I am the Rock Chick Fairy and this is my very first post. If there’s an author whom I would trust with all my heart to give me an exciting, fulfilling and worthwhile time, it would be Miss Kristen Ashley. This is also why I chose this name, which I hope she wouldn’t mind. 

The Colorado Mountain Series has been very close to my heart for about 3 years now. I love the people in this series. To me, they are all friends who badly need their stories to be told. I love them and I followed their journey heartily. After reading the fourth book “BREATHE”, I have wanted to read Deck’s story. He’s just a mystery to me. Now I know that it’s worth the wait.

Here are my thoughts about the book. Mind you, it could sound overly enthusiastic. ;)  

BEAUTIFUL. That's just the word to describe this book.

I'm a big fan. I always, always say that in all of my reviews. I always point out that yes, I am a big fan of KA so maybe I will always love her works too. I don't care. I'm being real. If you don't want my sort-of-biased review, then please don't continue reading this. :)

Okay, so where do I start? Hmmm.. Let's start with the title. KALEIDOSCOPE. I didn't really know why the title is like this until I actually read the book. It's pretty straightforward and it's BEAUTIFUL. The history behind the kaleidoscope is just amazing and it's worth remembering. I like how a simple thing can turn into something that will mean something to a person IN A REALLY BIG WAY.

Next, let’s talk about the plot. I know some would say that some parts of the plot is cliche'. Being in love with the best friend’s boyfriend is not really something that is new to us. However, this book blows it out of proportion. The complexity of their relationship is something you really have to look forward to. Not only is their relationship complex, their past is also like that. I only understood everything when I got past the middle part of the book. Yes, it was THAT COMPLEX. It helped that Jacob, the main character is such a genius that he was able to sense what was able to anticipate it. It also helped that he didn't give up on Emme.

Now the characters, they are their own people. I mean, Emme is Emme. She doesn't really do what other people say normally. She has this wall that no one can penetrate fully. Jacob is the hot ex-boyfriend of her best friend, so she thought that "they" will never happen. But then fate decided to lock them together again. :) No big surprise there. They are just a perfect fit. She had her moments. Not the best heroine of KA, but still sweet.

About Jacob...

I have to warn you... I can just be your biggest fan girl! hahaha!


I cannot tell you how I appreciate guys with great brains! I love how Jacob's mind works. I love how he rationalizes everything one minute and then gets so worked up the next and then back to being super intelligent. He's such a he-man ultra braniac guy! A guy with looks, hot bod, good heart and intelligence? Who could ask for more?


I honestly can't complain about anything in this book. It will make you think, feel a KALEIDOSCOPE of emotions and honestly, it would make you wish that you were in the book may it be that you're just one of the posse or an extra character. It’s truly brilliant.

'Til next time, Colorado Mountain! ;p


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