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Thursday, February 27, 2014

✼THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken" A Haul Fairy book review

Warning: The book I am about to review may contain spoilers (just a little bit) and also, this  not suitable for those who hate cliff hangers.

Once again I was pulled by the hype surrounding this book to pick this up. I’m that gullible. And I love dystopia; I am huge fan of books that have a plot of totalitarian form of government, repressive social control systems, disease- spreading-apocalyptic world and brutality for survival.
Darkest minds is about a mysterious disease that killed most of the American’s children. The ones who survived have abilities, some are harmful, some are deadly and some are wicked. These “sick” kids are confined to a “rehab center” where they wait for the cure of their diseases. They are tagged as Green, Yellow, Orange and Red; it depends on the ability of these kids. Greens and Yellows are left to the camp and the Orange and Red are sent of different camp or killed. Ruby, our main character, was waiting to drop dead or to be taken away. When she woke up on her tenth birthday, she knew that something was wrong. She was sent to the rehab camp because of something she did to her parents. When Ruby turned to sixteen, that’s where her adventure began. She was given a chance to escape the camp and she took it. He met a group of children with abilities and this group is searching for a safe haven. One of the members of this group is Liam, Ruby’s love interest. Along the road, they faced survival, dodging the authorities, escaping bounty hunters and testing their friendship, love and loyalty.  

I’m not going to dive more into this without spoiling too much. But the end is a little bit cliff hanger.
The world building is not enough for me, I need more! And Ruby is not my favorite characters, I’m more onto Katniss-type of heroine, in short, I want an ass - kicking attitude. The love story/ triangle remind me of Shatter Me’s Adam – Juliette –Warner, but it was not that much, I think this where they build the love triangle. I was rooting for more action, more on the edge scenes, there are some but not enough. The ending and twist was okay, not the feeling I was getting when I want to read the next sequel ASAP.

I guess I have a high expectation on this book because of the rave in the booktuber community, someone says “it’s the best read in 2013” or “the best dystopian book next to hunger games” or “it blew me away”, but for me it’s nah, it didn’t blew me away, not my best read in 2013, not the best dystopian next to hunger games. It was good by not my favorite either; I guess book 2 Never Fade will wait a little longer. If it wasn’t for the rave, I would like this more, but because of the expectation, it ruined this book. I guess the hype has a good and bad side, too bad it falls on the bad side. The hype didn’t live to my expectations.

RATING: 4 fairy wings!

Fave lines:

“I pulled myself from his mind, day by day, piece by piece, memory by memory, until there was nothing of Ruby left to weigh him down or keep him bound to my side..”

“Ruby, give me one reason why we can’t be together, and I’ll give you a hundred why we can. We can go anywhere you want. I’m not your parents. I’m not going to abandon you or send you away, not ever.”

“Breathing him in wasn't enough, I wanted to inhale him. The leather, the smoke, the sweetness.”

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