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Sunday, February 23, 2014

❤ WITHOUT YOU by Julie Prestsater: A Rock Chick Fairy book review

This is the Rock Chick Fairy again. Yes, I know it's 2:27 A.M and we fairies should have our beauty sleep, but I just couldn't resist sharing the treasure that I found today!

So here it is!

First off, who can resist that cute, charming guy with a mysterious face on the cover? Tell me! Who?!

One author posted this on her timeline to promote the book in facebook and I was just blown away. He's just so irresistible, looking at the keys like that! Mmmmm!

Onto the review...

The book was surprisingly short. Well, in my standards and not anyone else's. I didn't expect much after that since I usually don't tend to like short books. However, I was proved wrong by this book.

Sometimes, good things come in small packages, or in this case, good things come in a few pages. ❤

I'd like to say that I fell in love with the characters straight away, but alas, that wasn't what happened. I didn't like them right away because of the way they both left things when they separated. I thought that both characters gave up easily in the past. They obviously wanted to remedy that from the start of this book and that made me read on. I wanted to see just how far they would go to get back to each other. As it turns out, I chose right when I chose to read on.

The thing about getting-back together books is that they're all bitter sweet. You find out about the ugly things that happen to them in the past and you just want to bash both of their heads and lock them up inside a room to help them kiss and make up. That is exactly how I felt about Evan and Madison's story. I wanted them to get back together right away, but the author had other plans. She made me wait. I seriously hate waiting, but in this case? I'll let it pass. Not only was the guy such a sweet heart, he was also just so... determined. The pacing of the story felt just right.

"Words zoomed through my head, but I chose to stay silent. Instead, inch by slow inch, I bent down until our foreheads were touching. She didn’t move. Our mouths were a mere centimeter apart and I could feel her warm breath on mine, the sweet scent of minty gum intoxicating my senses along with the delicious smell of her shampoo. My heart was beating fast and my breath quickened. Maddy’s tongue peeked out, swiftly sweeping across her pouting lower lip. I wanted so bad to kiss her. I needed to kiss her. But Genna’s voice kept ringing in my ears. It was too soon. Damn, Gen for getting in my head. So as quickly as it began, I ended it. With a soft press of my lips to her temple, I finally said, “See you soon, Sunshine.”
And I turned around and walked away.
Only this time, I knew I would be coming back." 

>>I love this scene because of the delicate way he treated Madison. He understood her reservations and planned to do it right this time... And oh man! He was darn successful! He had Madison with one song. I love how Madison also fought to forgive and understand Evan. She's such a nice girl that I totally wanted her to be happy. It was really nice reading about grand gestures, friends who come between two people to help them get back together again and the kids.. oh the kids are just precious. I'm also a teacher so I could just imagine Madison's pride.

They did you know... They had "that" happy ending and it was all good. :)

There weren't a lot of complications here. Maybe that's why I'm giving it a 4.5. I thought that Michael will stir up trouble, but no dice. He was just annoying at first and that's it.

Anyway, all in all, this was such a great read! I am now convinced that I should be reading Ms. Prestsater's books. ^__^



  1. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm so happy you enjoyed it in the end. ♡♡♡♡

    1. 'Twas not a hardship to read your book. I really enjoyed it. I am now wondering why I didn't read your other books right away. I'm your believer now. Thanks a bunch for such a nice book!

      ~~The Rock Chick Fairy