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Thursday, February 27, 2014

♥♥ My January to Mid - February book hauls by the Haul Fairy

Hello guys! I'm Haul Fairy and this is my first collective book haul from January to mid February, I’m not sure  which one I bought on Jan or Feb, that's why i put it in a one big collective book haul.

I have a pretty amazing book haul and I’m excited to show you guys,so Lets begin!

1. This is one of my favorite urban fantasy series, The Iron Druid Chronicles, Hounded, Hexed, Hammered, Tricked, Trapped (in chronological order), This is about Atticus O’Sullivan the last of the Druids in Earth, he looked 21 years old but he is actually  more than two thousand years old, what?!! (yeah,doesn't matter,  he's hot though). The series is about his adventure with lots gods (Norse, Celtic, Roman , Greek, even Navajo), How he killed them, his bad ass attitude, His dog Oberon that can talk only in his mind,  which is very funny ( i think Oberon is one of the one reason why this series freaking rocks!), having an apprentice and falling inlove with her, having freaky sex scene with a Goddess. 

I really love this series! That's why I pre ordered them in Fully Booked, i waited for 6-8 weeks for these. It's about 300.00 - 350.00 php/piece

2. Lisa McManns’ Dream Catcher Trilogy, Wake, Fade and Gone.  I heard about the series a long time ago when I was in my teenage years, I don’t have money before and I don’t have an ebook reader that’s why I didn’t pick it up before, and now when I saw the Wake and Gone on 2nd hand pre order and it was really cheap 180.00 php/piece, I said why not. And I saw Gone in National Book Store warehouse sale for 35.00 php, yehey for me!  Now it’s complete! Complete books in a series gives me a bookgasm!

3-6. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, Shiver, Linger and Forever by Maggie Stiefvater. When I saw them on sale in NBS warehouse for Shiver, Linger  35.00 php and 87.00 php for Forever, I had to get one of those! Harbound! Brand new! 3 books for 157.00 php! I have to get it! Look at the books, they have matching colors in book sleeve, book cover and even the font color. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

I never read anything written by Stiefvater. I heard mixed reviews on this one, better give it a try. Im a little bit skeptical because of the blurb in goodreads, it didn’t say anything much about the adventure, love story and I haven’t read YA werewolves’ story that much. Actually I only read one werewolf story and didn’t like the ending, so I’m a bit taken a back to start this series.

7. Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy Series. Paranormalcy, Supernaturally and Endlessly. I read book 1 and 2 in ebook form and I remember I liked it, It was long ago and I already forgot about it, I bought it so if I had a chance to reread the entire series and marathon it, it was just on my shelf. Bought it 2nd hand, on a online store. Ranges from 200.00 - 250.00 php.

8. Kelly Creagh’s Nevermore Series. I have the first and second book which is Nevermore and Enshadowed. I just bought them without knowing anything about it, seriously! I have a book buying problem. Bought in Fullybooked 350.00 - 360.00 php.

9. Darren Shan, Procession of the Dead – the first book of the City Trilogy – I'm a huge fan of Darren Shan, I have his Demonata series and his Cirque du freak. This book was his adult fiction debut. I bought this book in NBS warehouse sale for 100.00 php, hardback sealed, it was brand new, original price is 899.00 php, so I have to have it.

10. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City by Ransom Riggs – I bought this in preparation of April book signing hosted by NBS. I wanted to read this when I saw the creepy pictures and the cover is classy and creepy. And it was raved by jessiethereader in booktuber community. Bought this in NBS for 399.00 php.

11. Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi – I read this one on ebook and I enjoyed it, also preparation of April book signing. I have a copy of Shatter Me with the girl on cover and I decided to buy another copy of Shatter Me with matching cover of the rest of the series. I love matching covers it ticks me off when the publishers do drastic cover changes. Bought this in NBS 329.00 - 385.00 php.

12. Under the Never Sky series By Veronica Rossi -  I already have the book 1 and 2 before the NBS announced that Ms. Rossi will have a book signing here in the Philippines, so I bought book 3 for the completion of my collection and I have a chance to do a reading marathon of the series before April. Bought this in NBS for 350.00 php.

13. Hunt Series by Andrew FukudaThe Hunt, The Prey, The Trap. I've been meaning to read the first book, it was already in my ebook reader and I forgot that I have it in there. It just happened that I went to NBS and saw this gorgeous matching cover! I love the Green cover, it so luscious, and and cover is velvety smooth. And it is a dystopian novel. I bought it for 465.00 php each.

14. These are random buys – The House of Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, 350.00 php, Incarnate by Jodi Meadows, 350.00 php, Altered by Jennifer Rush, 419.00 php, and Let The Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger , 350.00 php.

I heard so many great things about House of Scorpion, and it was dystopian, but the sequel Lord of Opium was a letdown, bummer! I picked up Incarnate because of the cover, soooo gorgeous (yes I’m that shallow) it’s paranormal so it’s right up in my alley. I saw Altered in paperback and I have to get it, it has an average of 4 in GR so plus points there, dystopia 2 points there and the cover is a hunk with a beautiful back, another points in there. I picked up Let the sky fall because it was a new release in paperback and it’s paranormal, ‘nuff said. All bought in NBS.

15. Tara Hudson’s Hereafter seriesHereafter, Arise and Elegy. I bought this without knowing what the synopsis the GR ratings and I didn’t even read the blurb after I bought this, so I have no idea what it is all about. The covers are gorgeous and it is pretty darn cheap that’s why I bought it. 3 hardbound books in great condition for 800.00 php, how can I say no to that? Acquired this thru online buy and sell.

16. Hush Hush  by Becca Fitzpatrick – I already read this a long time ago, my copy was lost and I have been meaning to complete the series. Bought online

17. Starters and Enders by Lissa Price – It is a dystopia, that explains everything. Bought in NBS.

18. Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally -  I heard this is a great book and I want to get more into contemporary. This is a standalone which is good. And it is a light read. Im not into heavy drama. I am looking forward to read this. Both from Fullybooked.

19. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. - Yes!! I’m so excited to see this available as paperback. I instantly bought this in fullybooked. This is my favorite fairy tale retellings. I read this in ebook last year and I have to have a copy. This is so good I totally recommend this. Worth every penny!

20. The Pledge and The Essence by Kimberly Derting – I previously read Ms. Derting's books and it was okay. And I want to check out her other work and it was a dystopian novel. Both from Fullybooked.

That's all for now!

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