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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Distraction & Desire:
She was his Distraction. He her Desire.
She was his distraction, he her desire. 

Joanna woods thought her broken heart would never heal again when Luke ripped her world apart. 

Upon deciding to take a much needed vacation to Paris, the city of love, would a chance meeting change her life forever? 
Nathan Jones moonlights as a successful business man but unbeknown to Joanna he secretly works as a C.I.A agent travelling the world, tackling crime. 
He has already lost one love of his life; will he risk it all when he meets Joanna? 
Joanna and Nathan have chemistry but will it be enough to make their relationship work? 
Will Joanna be able to handle the truth when she finds out who Nathan really is or will it end in further heartache?

Fear & Desire: 

He will Fear. She will Forever Desire.

He will Fear. She will forever Desire 

What is love? What does it mean? Does it mean to love and to cherish your one true love? 

Does it mean to hold her close and not to let her go no matter what? 
Does it mean not to keep secrets from her? But the secrets I keep gnaw at my mind; they dominate my weakened heart and soul. I live in fear, constant frightening fear that I will lose her, lose my one true love. 
Do I tell her? Do I reveal all?

He loves me. I have to be believe that Nathan loves me but the very thought of losing him causes me to desire him even more. 
It seems we all fear and we all desire but when life throws problems at you love must conquer all.


What is love? What does it mean? Maybe it means we have to choose to use our inner strength to see past the short fallings in our partner. Maybe we must do this in order to build strong bonds that cannot be broken. Maybe it means that in order to unite us as a strong unit, we have to be able to withstand anything the world may throw at us. Love is a thing that is very complicated for some people, but very simple for others. This understanding depends on the way you look at it and the value to which you give it. While some people think that if two people have no common interests, they can never have love. Others will argue that love is not a feeling; it is simply an act of your will.

About The Author 

Kizzie Darker was born in the United Kingdom to good old fashioned parents. Her father, now retired was a coal miner and her mother, worked in the local pottery. Kizzie went to school just like any normal child but found it hard to communicate with fellow students. She excelled in music and creative writing and enjoyed to sing in the school choir. She did have a close knit of friends, who helped her overcome some of her fears.

Kizzie graduated from senior school in 1995 but with the minimal qualifications. She then went on to college where she became a more confident young women and again excelled in performing arts.

Kizzie now lives a fruitful life with her husband in the west midlands and shares her life with 2 cats.
She feels so blessed for the opportunity to be able to share her new work with new worldwide readers.

Copyright ~Kizzie Darker 2014

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