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Saturday, January 31, 2015

BOOK BLITZ: False Finder by Mia Hoddell + GIVEAWAY

False Finder
Release Date: 01/13/15
Limitless Publishing
400 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Cora has been able to detect lies since she was born, she’s…a False Finder.

However when blackmail, betrayal, and lying are all the population has to protect themselves, it makes her dangerous. It also makes her a target.

Because of Cora’s ability, Rogan Carvelli—London’s biggest criminal leader—has been trying to acquire her for years.

Cora has learned to survive and remain undetected—at least until one careless mistake causes her friends to betray her.

Sold to Carvelli, Cora is only left with the help of a secret organisation to escape. She knows nothing about them, but they have saved her too many times to ignore.

However, the closer she gets, the clearer it becomes…
Their motives are far from innocent.

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“No one has to live like this! There was a time when we were free to choose what we wanted, who ran the country, how we were governed. We shouldn’t have to live under this murderous dictator. Rogan has a lot to answer for and times are—” The man stood on the corner of a side alley shouting at the top of his lungs to anyone who would listen. His words rang clearer in Cora’s mind but she pushed them to the side; everyone knew about the past and thoughts like that were dangerous. It was a futile attempt that had Cora shaking her head. Keeping her feet moving she refused to make eye contact, to show she was listening, as just like she predicted Rogan’s men descended on him faster than vultures on a fresh kill.
With her eyes on her feet Cora kept moving—she knew exactly how the demonstration would go having seen many before. She heard the scuffle as the man was dragged into the centre of the road, his protests about Rogan still as loud as ever. Then she heard the thuds as the punches rained down on him. The men would beat him within an inch of his life but no further. After that, they would declare to anyone listening that the same would happen to anyone who stepped out of line. Finally, one of them would draw their gun and making sure the victim was looking directly into their eyes, they would raise the weapon to the victim’s head and fire.
As Cora placed her foot on the step to her flat the sharp sound of a gun going off signalled the man’s death and an end to the demonstration. A stupid person would turn around and look and they would have seen the men carrying off the body. However Cora was not stupid. Instead she reached into the pocket of her jeans, pulled out the key to her flat and keeping her eyes fixed on the door, entered the hallway of the building, shutting the door behind her before climbing the stairs. She had seen it too many times to care. If you followed the rules you survived, so Cora had made sure she became immune to the violence—it was the only way to continue living.

About the Author

Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything paranormal or romantic, and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning. 

By the age of nineteen, Mia had published nine books, including the Elemental Killers series and the Seasons of Change series. Since then, her books have charted on numerous Amazon Bestseller Lists, and she has also had poems published in a many anthologies. With an ever growing list of ideas, Mia continues to create fictional worlds through her writing, and is trying to keep up with the speed at which her imagination generates them.

She also designs book covers and banners on her website M Designs 

Author Links:

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