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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Joyeux anniversaire Connor!! Passez une merveilleuse journée! Je te aime!!!

Umm no I don't speak French, and I don't know the language. I think it's just fitting to greet Connor a Happy Birthday in French since it's his thing ya know. The internet is a marvelous place to search for the things you need. I hope no French people will get mad at me if there's an error or mistake in my greetings. I don't mean to butcher the language of love!

January 3 is a special day for the Fizzle Force fandom most especially to Coballoway fans *cough like Siiri *cough because this day marks the special day of one of our beloved Addicted character, Richard Connor Cobalt. It's his 26th birthday!! YEYYYY! *fires a canon and lights all the fireworks.

I don't remember him celebrating his birthday in the books. He doesn't want to celebrate his birthday (though I am sure Rose will have something planned). So I personally collaborated with Siiri from Little Pieces of Imagination blog (Connor's biggest fan) to surprise Connor on his birthday. She came up with this treasure hunt idea and I think Connor would love this. Well, we all know he's a genius so he would love something that will involve brains. (This better be on the hard level Siiri!! I can already see Connor saying " Easy peasy like eating pie and peanuts"!!!). 

So enjoy the treasure hunt!! And enjoy this surprise we have for Connor!

If you're a member of Krista and Becca's Fizzle Force on Facebook, you will have a little easier time with solving the equation for treasure hunt :). Look for the graphic that Jenn (one of the admins of the group) will post with a number on it and you're good to go. Non-members, you can either join the group or solve the equation that Siiri posted in her blog. 



Participating in the treasure hunt is not necessary to take part in the giveaway, but getting the right answer can get you extra 25 entries in the giveaway, which will be huge compared to the rest of the people who may just follow one or two people and comment on a few blogs, and increase your chances of winning something. The game is fairly easy, but a little time-consuming and needs your full attention. Here’s how it all works:
  1. Every letter (A, B, C, …, J) stands for a specific blog.
  2. The letter “K” is a different matter: if you’re a part of the Addicted Series Facebook Fanpage, you don’t have to calculate the letter K’s value, but if you’re not, here’s a small equation for you: (100-64) : 6
  3. You will have to find the quote next to a specific letter from a blog. Some of these quotes appear on multiple blogs, but you need to pick out the right one for the right letter. To make it easier, some of the quotes are easily identifiable and you’ll know that if two (or more) blogs have the same quote(s), one of them has to have another sentence too (and that sentence appears on only that blog), so with some thinking, you should be able to figure out which letter goes with which blog.
  4. If you have matched the letters to all the blogs, match every letter to a specific number that’s on the blog which the letter represents. Here’s an example: Q: “Connor is a magical unicorn even if he doesn’t admit it. He’s one of a kind!” appears on a blog *insert name* and that blog post has number 8 featured somewhere. Now you know that letter Q correlates to number 8. We would advise you to write all the info down and match the numbers to the letters on paper so that the final part would be easier for you. Beware that some of those numbers may appear on graphics, so look out for them everywhere!
  5. Now the final step: you have to solve the following equation A + B / C – D * E + F – G + H – I * J + K = L by substituting the letters with the numbers you found on the blogs you visited. After you have solved the equation, submit it to the raffle below and this can earn you 25 extra entries (unfortunately Raffle isn’t as cool as we’d all like, so you have to provide an answer in 5 different boxes to earn all your 25 entries). AND you can give yourself a big pat on the back for completing this treasure hunt! Connor would be proud :)


  • A: “The way you stand up for and take care of the people you love speaks volumes of the kind of person you truly are.”
  • B: “He is the king of my world, because he's the king to my queen, Rose Calloway.”
  • C: “People hope to touch the sky. I dream of kissing it.”
  • D: “What do you get a man who already have everything?”
  • E: “Connor wears confidence like his most expensive suit, with style and dignity and so much charm.”
  • F: “Hey birthday boy, the party is over here.”
  • G: “His wicked charm will have you swooning for days.”
  • H: “Connor is Siiri's fantasy boyfriend. No one else can have him.”
  • I: “Je suis passionne de toi.”
  • J: “Joyeux anniversaire Connor! Passez une merveilleuse journé!”
  • K: if you’re a part of the Addicted Series Facebook Fanpage, you don’t have to calculate the letter K’s value, but if you’re not, here’s a small equation for you: (100-64) : 6
  • L: SOLUTION TO THIS WHOLE EQUATION: A + B / C – D * E + F – G + H – I * J + K = L 


(All the participating blogs)

Goodluck to all in solving the treasure hunt! Connor will surely enjoy this  surprise we concocted especially for his birthday and will be proud of y'all for participating in this mind boggling event

What do you give to a guy who has everything? Connor is supremely wealthy (a billionaire CEO of Cobalt, Inc. that he inherited from his mom), has the mind of a genius (UPenn grad and drop out of Wharton), an intelligent and equally rich wife Rose Calloway, an adorable daughter Janie, and the love from his closest friends Lo, Lily, Ryke and Daisy.

So, my gift to Connor is these teasers that I so painstakingly crafted. I do enjoy doing teasers and graphics for the books I love. Kiss the Sky is one of them! I swear Connor has the best lines. And I used the ones that had stayed with me. Enjoy!

The model in all of my graphics and teasers is Oliver Altman, Krista and Becca's dream cast for Connor. He embodies the character so well I sometimes think of him as Connor and not Oliver! 

Last year, I messaged him in his Instagram accnt, and to my surprise, he replied! I nearly got a heart attack that day!! He even changed his bio to "Kiss the sky with me", followed Krista and Becca's Instagram account, liked some of their posts, liked some IG posts of Fizzle Force. THE WHOLE FANDOM IS TRULY OVERJOYED WITH THIS TURN OF EVENTS!! We're profusely fangirling over twitter and at the FB group like crazy creepy stalkers and I must say that this is one of the highlights of my fangirl career!

Oliver is so sweet and charming for acknowledging the fandom and because of this, he earned the support and love and Fizzle Force had become his die hard fans.

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Kiss the Sky (Spin-Off)(Calloway Sisters #1) (Addicted #2.1) Rose & Connor’s POV
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of the Addicted Series

Krista & Becca Ritchie are identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

They are the New Adult authors of the Addicted series and Calloway Sisters spin-off series, and you can find them on almost every social media, frolicking around like wannabe unicorns.


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This giveaway is open internationally and all entries will be verified, so please don't cheat. To earn your extra 25 entries, join the treasure hunt and make Connor proud :)

A signed, personalized copy of Kiss the Sky + a set of signed Addicted series bookmarks
 Coballoway T-shirt and Connor’s Darling boyshorts
A Coballoway T-shirt
A set of mini Addicted book necklaces (A2Y, KTS, HF)
Fizzle Force tote bag
15$ Amazon gift card
Addicted series bookmarks


  1. Whooooop! You're all over this post with French and Oliver, Lanie! I like ittttt. Butcher the language of love hahaha! Lanie, Lanie. I'm glad you brought out some French since this is a necessary and very important part of Connor :) Lmao I think this is pretty kick-a and all the post i just *heart eyes* Yes! Haaa. Oliver basically is Connor. idk how Krista and Becca found him all this time ago but seriously, this guy is the embodiment of Connor irl. lmao i hope he never goes to my twitter account or lisa's or nazeefa's or anyones, because how embarrassing would that be? he'd see all of us fangirling all over the place. i love that he acknowledges the fandom and is super duper awesome about it all. AND YOUR GRAPHICS, LANIE! Thank you so so so much for agreeing to this idea! <3 *hugs* so happy to have you on this event!

    1. lmao Siiri. i am thanking you again for coming up with this idea. you truly are Connor's biggest fan.to come up with something he will enjoy just speaks how well you know him! and i wish oliver will see this comment of yours hahaha!! i agree, he is just so sweet for putting up with our fangirling over him. the graphics are great bec of oliver's handsome face! no need to edit much - xo lanie

  2. YOU USED FRENCH IN YOUR POST I CRY IT'S TOO PERFECT! I understand some (ehh or a little haha) French. It's one of our national languages so learning it is mandatory in elementary school and since I loved it I took it throughout high school and first year university. And your translation seems fine to me! :D I am heart eyes over your graphics for this event. ALL FAV QUOTES OF MINE! Omg, I still remember the day he changed his bio and liked Fizzle Force photos. I DIED. And laughed because we went crazy on twitter lmao. Fabulous post, Lanie!!! <3

    1. thank you jae!! love love your poem too!! and i used an online translator for those french greetings! french is something i will always associate with connor and rose. it's a coballoway thing!! ditto with the fave quotes. i can easily recite them even in my sleep that's why they're the ones i used!! and bec i know many connor fans will easily be able to associate those words with connor

  3. Maria Theresa SantosJanuary 6, 2015 at 9:57 PM

    thanks for the chane

  4. Love the treasure hunt to celebrate the one and only Connor!

  5. The prizes are awesome!!! Way to celebrate Connor's birthday 😍

  6. Awesome giveaway!! I love this series