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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite & Online Shopping: A Happily Ever After Fairy Experience & Review

Hi everyone! I know, I've been MIA for the past months. I've been really busy so yeah, here’s an overdue post for my Kindle Paperwhite.

Some of you may I ask why I got a Kindle Paperwhite so here’s a list:

1. I live in a place where flooding happens once in a while. Way back Ondoy, our whole house was flooded and the water was really fast so we only had a chance to rescue our pets. We didn't even have time to pack our clothes. Imagine how heartbroken I was to see my books full of mud? But, I’m way over that, thankfully!

      2.  I love to read at night where the lights are closed.

      3. I heard this is way better for the eyes than reading on my tablet/phone.

So, finally, I decided to get one. 

I've searched OLX.ph and found JAVAJILL also known as GMET Trading. I am so happy when I saw their account as they have the most affordable prices and tons of positive feedback (yes, that’s really important). 

Sadly, the unit that I saw was already sold but Ms. Jill Tan told me that they have another one coming so I waited for 2 weeks. Yes, every passing day has been hard because I've wanted to buy a Kindle for years now.

 2 weeks had pass, true enough, they texted me that they have an available unit and I sent my payment that very same day.

Lo and Behold!

(Oh, they packed my Kindle really well. No wonder why they have tons of positive feedback)

(Comes with a free screen protector! I definitely made the right choice.)

 Unfortunately, the one that I got is the first generation so I texted them my concern. Their reply was immediate (Great after-sales service!). Apparently, my second gen was switched to another person because we have the same name. Ms. Jill was kind enough to offer a full refund until they can deliver the right unit but I declined as I fully (101%) trust them.

They gave me reasonable (very, I must say) options, I can settle for this 1st gen and get a 1,000 refund or send the unit back (they will refund my shipping expenses) and they will send me the second generation.

I settled for the first generation because I am very much happy and impressed with it already.

Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with my transaction with Javajill/GMET Trading. They have ruined me because I will forever compare them with the others that I am going to have a transaction with in the future and yes, they have set the bar high. Oh btw, they also sell hard to find items and items that you can only buy abroad at an affordable price. Do not hesitate to transact with them as I’m sure you’ll also love them.

Here's the link to their facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/gmettrading

Anyway, back to the Kindle Paperwhite..
Here’s what I love with my First Gen Kindle Paperwhite:

1. Awesome battery lifespan
2. Equally distributed lighting

3. Responsive Touchscreen & Processor
4. Upgradable Firmware
5. You can access goodreads from it
6. Can hold 1,000 books (say what?)
7. Does not strain my eyes.
8. Definitely Lightweight
9. User friendly interface
10. Accessible ebook shop (Amazon)

Will I upgrade?
Probably in the future. Yes, I will definitely buy it from Javajill/Gmet Trading again :)

HEA's fairy rating for Javajill/Gmet Trading & Kindle Paperwhite:
5/5 fairy wings!!!

Up next: Book Review for Uncross the Stars by Ms. Janell Rhiannon :)


  1. I have the old kindle with keyboard and I love it but it is getting slow ( I have had it for 5 years) I am trying to decide whether I want to switch it up for a kindle paperwhite.

  2. Hi Michelle! You should. This is way lighter and the light is very warm to the eyes :) This is touchscreen so you won't be needing the keypads. Definitely my best purchase of the year. Worth ever penny! -The Happily Ever After Fairy