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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Tempt My Heart: A Brittan McKenna Story
by Danielle Jamie


This book will emotionally wreck you!! Do not read at work or in a crowd of people unless you're okay with them watching you ugly cry like Farrah Abraham haaa!! Then as soon as you recover from your emotional breakdown prepare to be VERY hot & bothered!!!

This is a heart wrenching tale of love and loss with a sexy twist in the form of rockers Jordon Valentine and Brittan McKenna. If you love sexy rockstars and are a sucker for a sad story then Tempt My Heart is your kind of book. Bloggers say they haven't cried this hard since 'Taking Chances' By Molly McAdams and crushed so hard on a rocker since Kellan Kyle! This standalone is a must read! Brittan McKenna and Jordon Valentine are going to rock your world.

Brittan McKenna’s life was perfect. After getting engaged to her high school sweetheart her happily ever after seemed to be all planned out. However after 9/11 her fiancé drops out of college to enlist; Brittan’s life takes a swift turn.During his tour she tried to stay strong and hold onto the hope that he'd soon return to her, but then the unthinkable happens and she gets the news every military spouse prays they never have to hear.

On the day Cane died, Brittan believed her heart had died along with him...or so she thought until her passion for music causes her to blaze a new trail testing fate and “tempting tomorrow”.

Eight years marks the anniversary of Cane’s death when Brittan sets eyes upon Jordon; a guitarist whose shrouded in mystery and a world class bad boy for her bands opening act, Tempting Tomorrow. Will he have that spark to set Brittan’s heart a light? After swearing off love will Brittan allow herself to feel again after years of trying anything to numb her pain and heartache? 

Does Jordon have what it takes to win her heart and make Brittan love again?

Falling for a rock star is a dangerous game, but it’s a hopeless task when you both have hidden demons.

For Jordon love does not exist... not until he meets the lovely Brittan who has the power to tame the untameable beast inside of him.

Will Brittan open her heart to love or will she sabotage the relationship before it even has a chance?


An ARC was provided by Ms. Danielle in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for the trust!

Damn Ms. Danielle! This book wrecked me. Ugh!! Probably my top ugly cry in the history of ugly cries. You see the warning in the blurb? Read it and believe what it says. It's not a joke!! Danielle will have you ugly sobbing in no time.

I completely fell in love with this story. First with Cane and Brittan. It was love at first sight, a love that had grown from two young people and it seems that they're destined to live the happily forever after. But it seems fate has other plans for them. And OMG it is so heartbreaking. I can feel the pain, the hopelessness, the anguish. Gosh, it literally broke my heart!! Ms. Danielle really excelled in this storytelling and she succeeded in verbally expressing the agony and suffering Brittan went through. I've never cried so hard in my life!!

After eight years of grief, misery and torment, Brittan met Jordon, a bad boy guitarist. They instantly felt connected but Brittan has one rule, and that is not to get involved with someone she works with. However, the attraction and magnetic pull between them is hard to deny. When she finally relented and gave them a try, their love for each other flourished. There were roadblocks in their relationship, but they strongly went through, and fought the obstacle together. 

This is a brilliant read. Everyone must read this! If you want a story that will stay with you for a long time, a story that comes to mind whenever someone asks for a recommendation, a story that is uplifting, inspirational and will transport you to a world where you and the characters only exist, Tempt My Heart is that book!


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