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Friday, February 27, 2015



Nate Wilson lives his life with pride and heart. When his pops hands down the family bowling alley in Framingham, Massachusetts, he doesn't think twice about making it his own. Nate is a guy's guy. He is true to his old friends, his family, his dates, and his business.
Sunny, a vivacious and mysterious woman frequents the alley all of a sudden. Somehow she catches Nate's attention and holds it. Nate becomes slightly obsessed with who she is and why she loves the bowling alley.He is not one to be easily distracted by a woman to the point of letting his priorities fall the wayside.
However, after he follows his instinct, Nate finds himself entranced, enthralled, and in the worst predicament of his steady life.


An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Following the Sun is an awesome take on drug addiction, guilt and a loving unconditionally.

The story follows two people who couldn't be more different from each other. Nate is the person who likes his routinary life. He is content with what he's doing and what he has. He wasn't looking for something more until he finds Sunny. Sunny is a girl who gets in your face the moment you meet. She has her demons. She's different and she's his "unexpected". This "unexpected" shakes his routinary life. He suddenly finds himself drawn to her. From thereon, they take on a journey that's really imperfect, but still beautiful. :) 

While reading this, I found it very interesting to know more about Sunny's life. You see, in the amount of POVs department, Nate wins. I think I read more about what he's thinking that what Sunny was thinking ( which is just the way I like it). With that, I only see glimpses of Sunny's life. It was fun unearthing her character. She's a happy woman when she's not down in the dumps. I like how she's depicted as perfect and imperfect at the same time. Haha! Oh my, it's so hard to explain. Read it! You'll like her! 

Nate on the other hand, gosh.. you just have to give him 1,000 sweet points! He was the "i-don't-want-commitments" at first, but when he met Sunny, his match, he was like "I-can't-live-without-her and all that. I admire him because he isn't afraid to say how he feels. I also admire him because he doesn't judge. He himself admitted that loving a drug addict is hard, but he still did it. I love how he is with Sunny and I love how he thinks of her. I really want everyone to know just how sweet this guy is.... soooo read it! You would love him!

The dilemma in the book is pretty hard to swallow. I am so glad that the ending made a way for everything to be settled. I also love the fact that the ending is not a liar. I say that because I know from studying in Nursing school that drug addiction has no cure. I mean you can have rehab and all, but there are relapses, and it's a constant battle for a person. I love that the book didn't say that the rode into the sunset and lived happily ever after. The ending makes it clear that they are living happily even with all the bumps. I love it. This is a must read. :)

I would have given this a perfect 5, but there are some parts wherein I felt like "Oh, that was too fast." Anyway, they made it work until the end, so still... 4.5 fairy wings! ^_^


Alisa Mullen is the author of the Best Selling Saga Series (Four books as of EOY 2014), The Chosen Series and the Best Selling psychological suspense novel, Plastic Confidence. She grew up in Down East Maine. Mullen has a BA from Texas A&M University and a MS from Our Lady of Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, making necklaces, and spending time with her family. Mullen lives in South Texas with her loving husband and their two children.
In her rare off time, she enjoys laughing and goofing off with her husband and their two children.She loves the beach, Estate Sales, Blue Bonnet season, and macrame.

Mullen currently lives in South Texas and likes it there for now. Mullen owns a macramé necklace business, Devika Knots, which she started with her daughter in 2009 and it has become a great part of her life. Many times her whole family will go out to the markets to be around other artisans and farmers. She and her husband look forward to one day owning an RV and following their noses around the country year round.

Where to find Alisa:
Instagram: alisamullen2014 | Pinterest: Alisa Mullen

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