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Sunday, November 16, 2014


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Everything I Want by Natalie Barnes


"I can’t freaking believe this! Me, Sophia Mancini, and my band just got signed with a major recording label! And that’s not all. We get to open for Undead Society on tour! I’ve always had a thing for their lead singer, Tristan Scott. He’s dangerously sexy. Finally meeting him, I soon realize that Tristan is nothing more than an arrogant, conceited prick!

He gets off on making this tour difficult for me as much as possible. But it’s so worth putting up with his arrogance when I feel that high I get when performing. Not even Tristan can take that away from me.

He intimidates and excites me all at the same time. Trying to put up a front that he doesn’t affect me, I find that it’s getting incredibly harder to pretend. Every time that I’m around him, I feel myself weakening. He’s trying to break me, dominate me, and take me."

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Soundtrack to the Book

01. Beautiful Tragedy-In This Moment
2. Hole-Alice in Chains
3. Good Vibrations-Marky Mark
4. Cemetery Gates-Pantera
5. Bleeding Me-Metallica
6. Cherry Pie-Warrant
7. Scarlet-In This Moment
8. Erase and Rewind-The Cardigans
9. Before I Forget-Slipknot
10. Mouth-Bush
11. Three Libras-Perfect Circle
12. Big Empty-Stone Temple Pilots
13. Wicked Game-Stone Sour
14. Happy-Mudvayne
15. Whore-In This Moment
16. Undead-Hollywood Undead
17. Snuff-Slipknot
18. To Be Treated Rite-Terry Reid

About the Author

natalie barnes.jpg

I am a Native American author that grew up on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation. I work in a small accounting department, but love to read and write Erotica/romance literature.

Positive Inspirations
I read countless books and listen hours upon hours of rock music to keep me sane. In a matter of months, I had written a novel and submitted my manuscript for publishing approval in May. Since then, my writing career has snowballed into something much larger than I anticipated. I enjoyed the writing aspect of releasing my novel so much, that I decided music should not be left out of the final product, as it was such an influential part of the creative process.

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