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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hey y'all! Rock Chick Fairy here! I am so happy right now because two of our favorite authors gave us the great honor of having them with us! We got 2 types of interview for today. An author interview and a character interview! 
It's Geek week for the fairy court, so prepare to be dazzled by these two books:


We also have fabulous prizes, so keep on reading! :)



Thank you, to the both of you for doing this interview with us fairies. We'll start with Hunter. :) 

✦ Did you finish college? You work for a construction company, but your mom is really rich. We're kind of confused.  

Really? You’re gonna start with that kind of question for me? Yeah, my mom’s rich, alright? Doesn’t mean I am. Look, I didn’t finish college; I barely made it out of high school. So the kind of work you get around here is working in construction, and trust me, Montreal always has something going on. I worked my way to buying myself a place, I try to make a home for both Matty and me, and my mom is my mom, and she likes her palace. Me? Not so much.

✦ What was your first thought when you saw Sera? 

You want the PG version? I’m going to give you the PG version. I thought she was beautiful, and I was pissed off that she didn’t even glance away from her book to check me out.

fairy interviewers: We actually wanted the non PG version. *smirks* ヅ

✦ We're pretty sure you've had some other attacks (to those who haven't read this book, Hunter has Diabetes) before that episode with Sera, but how did you feel when she helped you that time? How about when she volunteered to take care of Matty? 

You’re really going for the sucker-punch questions, aren’t you? To be honest, no one has seen me that bad, except Matty, and he just knows that I’m tired at that point. I hope he never feels what I feel, or ever gets that kind of low; it’s awful. I remember looking at her, just across from me, and I had no idea how I had sat down on the carpet, or where I was, or what was really happening. My brain’s in a fog, my mouth is dry, and I got this sick feeling in my gut that’s telling me this is over. And then her voice got through to me, said my name, and I tried to focus on that, tried to focus on her. I don’t really remember too much after that. 

 I’ve never met anyone like Sera. Seriously, who just offers to watch after a kid they just met? Who offers to help a complete stranger? She left me reeling. And yeah, I was angry, as I’m sure she’s told you. Angry at myself for getting too low and putting Matty in danger, angry that I needed help from this healthy girl who loves to read books. I was blown-away by her, by how much she can care so quickly. I’ve never met anyone like that.

✦ Why did you not defend Sera to your mother when they first met?

‘Cause I’m a gutless worm. My sugar was dropping. I don’t know if you get this, but when that happens, my brain doesn’t really tend to pay attention to things, or what people say. I know that’s not an excuse, because shit, I should have some sort of control over it by now, but things just keep happening and well, it seems I’m always running to catch up, although I never do.
 I was just so shocked by it, too. She’s never been that rude with a stranger, it’s usually veiled insults but this was down and dirty. I wanted to punch something. And the way Sera just stood there and took it? The way she smiled at Matty? I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so brave in my entire life.

✦ Does your mom know that Aly's (again, for reference, Aly is the "ex" who seem to NOT want to be an ex) parents are bankrupt?

Don’t know, don’t care. That part of my life is over. I’ve got my own family to look after now.

✦ If Sera did not move next to your house, do you think you will still be with Aly and marry her?

No. I was getting smarter, and her feelings about Matty were really clear. No.

✦ You said some terrible things about your responsibility to Matty, but it was also clear that it was your choice to take full responsibility. Why did you not make your mom take the responsibility instead? 

Do you see that woman taking care of a one year old baby that happens to be diabetic? Yeah, right. Hey, I’m not allowed to complain, ever? It’s not easy raising a kid, especially when he has the same disease you do. I was so damn tired at failing at everything. Matty’s sugar drops? That’s on me; I feed him, I take care of him. His sugar’s too high, again it’s my fault. My body puts me through the ringer, and … I snapped. I said some really stupid shit, and sorry doesn’t cover how much I want to take it back. People make mistakes, and I’m no different. I hope you can see that.

fairy interviewers: *nod* #totallyagreewiththatlastsentence

Now let's move on to Sera. :) 

✦ Sera, please describe your life before you met Hunter. 

Well, I guess like everybody else’s really… Work, go home, read a book, catch up on some shows, call my best friend, go to sleep, and repeat the next day. I don’t lead a very interesting life, my adventures are more of the literary nature (that’s a Supernatural reference, H. Winchester).

✦ When you took care of Matty that first time, did you, by any chance, secretly wished for Hunter to be yours?

I do have ovaries, you know. I mean, he’s just so beautiful. I gave myself, like three seconds, to pretend Matty was my kid, and Hunter was mine. Then I came out of that reality because, seriously, I never thought this would happen to me in a million years.

✦ Were you serious when you said that you will fight Hunter (in court) for the custody of Matty?

Yeah, of course. I know nothing about any of the legal process, though, so my words were probably useless. I wouldn’t try to take Matty away from Hunter, because despite all Hunter’s faults, he’s a great Dad. Is he struggling? For sure, but isn’t every single parent out there? Do they say things they don’t mean? We’re all human, and people tend to forget that sometimes.
  I just wanted him to wake up. And he did, thank Castiel.

✦ If you didn't move in near Hunter, what do you think your life will be like? a.) for the first five years b.) in ten years?

What would my life be life in five, ten years?
Um… I don’t know. I probably would be in a higher position at my job (yawn), I’d still hang out with my friends, watch the hockey game at night with them around pizza and beer. I’d still be listening to Katie’s exploits and probably helping Alex and Theresa with wedding plans if they needed it. Bake a lot of goodness for them, too. 

 I really didn’t see this coming, falling in love. It’s frightening and exhilarating and all those other words that mean the same thing. My life would be very different without Hunter and Matty. I don’t think it would be worse, but different.


✦ It's a big leap of faith, going for the guy who not only has a kid, but also a condition. What do you think is the hardest part in that?

Accepting them for who they are; looking beyond the diabetes. Also, to not use it as a crutch. Oh yeah, I’ve yelled at Hunter when I know his sugar’s dropping (his eyelids get heavy and his face pales out), and felt like a jerkface for doing it. Diabetes needs to be carefully monitored and it’s hard sometimes, with a little kid, and the hours Hunter works – he can’t eat all the time, and monitor his sugar levels. So that’s hard, because I don’t like seeing him look lost or confused, and Matty’s sugars freak me out more than anything. But I try to get by and I do my best to do what I can.
  I love them both too much to not give them my best.

Quick questions for the couple:

1. Describe each other in one word. 

Hunter is strong, no matter what he says. Not just physically, but all of him.
Sera’s the bravest person I know.

2. Which part of the other’s body do you like best?

Sera’s blushing, ladies. Her cheeks are that gorgeous pink I love, and yeah, I know what she’s thinking. 
Shut up, shut up, shut up! That’s not what I was going to say, Hunt. Ahem, I’m going to say his back because I really love the tattoo.  You can be impolite if you want.
They’re asking me what’s my favourite body part on you! How is that impolite!
 Can it, MacLaine.
Ladies, you got me into trouble. I’m going to say I love all her parts.

fairy interviewers: Oops! sorry Hunter! But umm.. you do that! ;)

3. What’s that one thing that you can’t live without?

Sera can’t live without books and movies, those nerd shirts of hers.
Hunter can’t live without… uh, hold on a sec, well, his glucometer and insulin, but he’s actually really into Star Wars now! We finally watched  episodes 4, 5 and 6.
Han Solo would be my best friend.

4. What’s your dream vacation?

I’d love to go to Greece, see where my family is from, see the history. 
I go where she goes, and that sounds awesome.
Ladies, he said it like Dean Winchester does!

5. Message to your fans? 

Thank you for coming along for the ride! Anything you want to add, Hunt?
Yeah. I love Sera Delos.

Once again, thanks to you both and we hope to have you here again! ^_^




Today, we fairies are very lucky to be interviewing Miss Mary Frame, author of a geekstatic romance story, IMPERFECT CHEMISTRY.

We welcome you to the fairy court, Miss Frame! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us!

To start off, please tell us some things about yourself.

✩ Where did you grow up?

I was born in Monterey, California on an army base, but I grew up in the biggest little city in the world, Reno, Nevada. Known mostly for casinos and twenty four hour access to booze, I still live there (not because of the casinos and booze, but because there is so much more to this little town). Not only is Reno featured in a Johnny Cash song, it’s also close to Tahoe, San Francisco, and has lots of outdoor activities for all seasons. I think my favorite part of Reno is the small town feel, combined with the big city amenities <end of gratuitous hometown promotion>.

✩ What were you like at school?

Depends on which snapshot of my educational career we are observing. If I had to describe the evolution of my school life from first grade to college: lonely, nerdy, awkward, slightly less awkward, much more awkward (that would be middle school), fun, maybe too much fun (college) and I’m spent.

✩ What books did you like reading when you were younger?

Scary books were always my favorite. I fell in love with Christopher Pike when I was in the sixth grade, and quickly became hooked on writers like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I never would have thought I would grow up to write romance novels!

✩ Have you always wanted to be a writer? What was the first thing that you wrote?

I wish I could say I’m one of those people that have been telling stories since they could talk, but the truth is I never thought about writing a novel until I was in my twenties. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and found myself nearing thirty and needing a creative outlet that didn’t cost a lot of money. I minored in dance in college, and did some choreography and the like, but I had two small children and couldn’t spend the time away from home anymore. Writing seemed like the best idea!

 The first thing I wrote was terrible, and I’m too embarrassed to describe it. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people who can say they dreamed of a sparkly vampire and had a six-figure deal in less than a year. Quite the opposite, I am one of those people who took years to hone my craft until I could write something even remotely publishable. And I think I will be waiting for the six-figures for a long, long, looong time.

✩ Do you write full-time or part-time?

Part-time. I have a full time day job, two kids, and a very hot husband ;) All of which take up a lot of my time!

✩ How would you describe Imperfect Chemistry to someone who has not read it yet?

I usually tell people it’s a nerdy, quirky little romance novel.

✩ What drew you to this genre? What was your inspiration while writing this?

The first book I wrote was a New Adult novel, before the phrase “New Adult” was even a thing. I was told by an agent that there wasn’t a future there, so I switched to YA.  It took me a few years, but I found my way back to my first love, and I haven’t looked back.

✩ How long did it take for you to write it (IC)?

I wrote Imperfect Chemistry during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), November 2013. I spent almost two months writing an outline, the thirty days of November for the rough draft, and then about four months editing.

✩ We know that Lucy is a genius and a geek at heart. Would you say that you are also a geek like her?

Oh, yes. All of my characters have a slice of me in them. My favorite thing about Lucy is how she responds to everything logically rather than emotionally. When I find myself reacting to different situations, I sometimes stop and wonder, what would Lucy think/do about this? It’s sort of a useful thing! Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we let our emotions get in the way of our own progress and decision making.

✩ Who are your dream characters for Lucy and Jensen?

Jensen is based on Jensen Ackles from Supernatural (I’m a little bit of a fangirl). The real Jensen Ackles is a couple years older than me, which means he’s too old to ever play Jensen in the movie, sadly. So I have no answer to that dream character, unless he has a younger brother who looks exactly like him.

For Lucy, well, I specifically don’t describe her in the book, for a couple reasons. One, I want readers to be able to put themselves into her character, no matter what they look like. Two, Lucy is not the type of person to put any stock into her appearance. It’s a non-issue—not something she would ever think about, and therefore it’s never mentioned in great detail in the book.

✩ Do you have any message to those who will be reading and to those who already have read Imperfect Chemistry?

Oh gosh, all I ever want to say is thank you for reading and I hope you laugh(ed)!


1. Who’s your favorite author?
Just one?! I don’t think I can answer! I love funny, witty ladies like Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.
2. What is your favorite genre in books?
Anything with romance.
3. Science or Math?
Science for sure, I stink at math.
4. Nerd or Jock?
Nerd, duh. Although a nerdy jock might be a nice character, too.
5. Enumerate 3 things that you can't live without.
Books, wine, food.
6. Who is the hottest geek guy that you know of?
 Oi how to choose? I’m going to have to go with Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Thanks again for doing this interview with us Miss Frame! May the fairy dust always be with you! :) 





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