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Sunday, June 29, 2014

☆ BREAKING AWAY (Assassins #5) by Toni Aleo: A Convo Review ☆


BREAKING AWAY is a story of loss, healing, and love… where unexpected turns and heartache lead to passion.

To Nashville Assassins’ leading scoring center Phillip Anderson, playing hockey has always been easy… as natural as breathing. His life is no different. That’s until his world is turned upside down by the death of his sister. While mourning his loss, Phillip has to find a way to make his very angry sixteen-year-old niece, Claire, happy. Now, as her guardian, he discovers the only thing that seems to heal her lonely heart is dance class. But what he didn’t count on was the attraction he’d feel towards her drop-dead sexy dance teacher.

For Reese Allen, dancing has always been part of her soul. After having her heart broken in New York, she comes home with the determination to make her dance studio one of the best in Tennessee and succeeds. When she sees Claire dance for the first time, she knows the girl is bound for greatness and takes the troubled teen under her wing. Using dance as therapy, she suddenly finds herself bound to the young woman… and her hot-as-sin uncle.

However, Phillip and Reese are happy in their single lives. It’s simple. They do what they want, who they want, and how they want, but from the moment they meet, the attraction is undeniable. Soon, they are more than willing to spend just one night tangled in the sheets. But, one night turns into two, and two turns into three, until they find themselves in a repeated dance of “One Last Time” that has the potential to be something more… if only Reese and Claire allow it.

Can Phillip find a way to thaw the hearts of both the women in his life, or will he be forever trying to break them away from their pasts?


Convo Review 

This series has gone through major changes, especially the covers. What can you say about the cover of this one?

MidnightF: I loved it! It's simple but really hot!

RockchickF: Not surprisingly, the cover is way hot! Two thumbs up!

Did you get what you were expecting from this book? In what way?

MidnightF: It actually exceeded my expectations. I like the story compared to the last one in the series, and I think Claire is a nice addition in the Assassins Family.

RockchickF: I would have to REALLY, TOTALLY AGREE with Midnight's answer. I didn't like the last book in this series. If you compare them, this is ahead by a mile! As I was disappointed in the last book, I didn't allow myself to expect a lot from this. I expected to be frustrated again with the hero as well as the heroine. However, I was WOWed. :) 

What makes Reese different from all the other heroines in the series?

MidnightF: Reese is more sure of herself compared to the other heroines in the series. No insecurities or whatsoever, she's a "what you see is what you get" kind of girl. 

RockchickF: REESE HAS A WILL OF IRON STEELE. I like that her backbone shows when it has to. She's not like the other heroines in the series who had so many insecurities in themselves. Her circumstance is way different. The conflict here didn't stem in her insecurities and that's a very, very good thing.

What makes Phillip different from all the other heroes in the series?

MidnightF: Phillip is sweet and funny. I was surprised with Phillip's transformation, because in the last book he was a player and  parties a lot with Erik. Now he's serious a serious provider and guardian to Claire.

RockchickF: I agree with Midnight. Phillip is all that and then some. However, I'd like to point out that Phillip is a very patient man. I love his patience with Reese and Claire. :) 

What scene was the best for you for Reese's character?

MidnightF: I think the best scene would be when Reese asked Claire what she wants to be when she grows up and Claire answered that she wants to be like Reese. That scene showed how good Reese is at what she does. I just love that scene, it was sweet and very emotional. 

RockchickF: I love the scene wherein Reese stood up for her choice when she chose Claire over the girl who just had seniority over Claire. It showed that when she decides on something, it really sticks. In the face of a big adversity, namely the mother of the rejected girl, she didn't back down. She stood tall and stuck to her decision.

How about for Phillip's character?

MidnightF: Hmmmm, I choose the scene where Phillip saw Claire dance for the first time in Reese' studio and he realized he couldn't live without Reese and Claire. That moment was like the official goodbye to the old Phillip, there's no turning back for him. He wants to be with the two people he loves and he chose Reese and Claire. 

RockchickF: I love, love all the scenes wherein he was being patient with Reese. When she was clearly not acknowledging that something beyond casual was happening to them, he waited patiently. I was applauding him everytime he broke through Reese's walls. He stuck to what he feels and he fought for it. I love him for that. ♥

What can you say about the secondary characters? Is there anyone is specific that you want to mention?

MidnightF: Oh my gosh, it's like a baby fest in there! LOL. It looked like the team is breeding the next generation Assassins hockey players! Seriously though, it makes me glad to see the Assassins family grow, and continue being a tight and loving family.

RockchickF: They all made this book more colorful! I am really getting nauseated with Elli and Shea's babymaking, though. >.< 

The plot is way different this time, what can you say about that?

MidnightF: I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the fact that Claire's story was included in this book, it made the story profound and more emotional. The conflict in this book isn't just about two people who couldn't commit in a relationship because of their pasts, but it also includes a troubled teenager who is trying to find her way in the world. This book is definitely one of my favorites in the series.

RockchickF: Midnight said it. Claire is a good factor for this book. I think the plot is kinda split into two roads. One is for Claire and the other is for Reese.  Yeah, it felt more like I had two different heroines and I love it! The plot is amazing!!!

What's the most hilarious scene for you? :)

MidnightF: Hmmm... That would be the scene where Reese' uterus received a "get well soon" cake during her menstrual period. LOL. That was really sweet of Phillip but it was also  freaking hilarious.

RockchickF: For me it's the... "THE NEXT DAY" scene. If you read the book, you'll know what I mean! Haha!

Honestly speaking, how did you feel while reading this book?

MidnightF: I was surprised and genuinely pleased with how the story flowed and how different it was from the last book. Phillip is Erik's best friend and they partied a lot in the last book... what I'm trying to say is that I'm very happy with Phillip's transformation and at the same time with Reese' strong personality. Also, seeing the changes and growth in Claire as I read along made the story more engaging. 

RockchickF:  I was jumping for joy because I was too afraid that I wouldn't like this one since I didn't like the one before this much. I felt as if this is the right book for me in the whole series. 

How did you feel after reading this book?

MidnightF: I'm very satisfied with how the story was wrapped up. I LOVE the epilogue! I hope that the next book will be as good as this one, if not better. xp

This is easy. I felt contented. I was smiling for hours after finishing this. :)

All in all, what's your rating for this book?

MidnightF: 4.5 Fairy Wings! I really enjoyed this book and it's highly recommended to sports contemporary readers, or just anyone who love a good romance book!

RockchickF: 5 fairy wings for making me FEEL. 


My name is Toni Aleo!

I am a wife, mother, and hopeless romantic.

I have been told I have anger issues, but I think it's cause of my intense love for hockey!

I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena's glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!

When my nose isn't pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son's hockey games, my daughters dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, and reading the latest romance novel.

I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, and did I mention I love hockey?

I hope to hear from you on here, my Facebook, or my twitter! Thank you so much!

Please visit Toni on her Facebook at: Facebook.com/tonialeo1

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