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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

✤✤✤ THURSDAY THROWBACK - FERAL SINS (The Phoenix Pack #1) by SUZANNE WRIGHT: A Rock Chick Fairy Review ✤✤✤

Hey there everyone! Rock Chick Fairy here with another Thursday Throwback. You know that feeling wherein you find a precious book hidden among all indie books? That's what happened to me with this book. I read this way back in May of 2012. I guess they already changed the cover, but back then, this book had a pretty generic cover. It was fine though, it's the content that counts and frankly, this one has A REALLY GOOD CONTENT. You will not regret giving this a shot if you haven't done it already. :)

Ladies, I give you...


When female wolf shifter Taryn Warner first encounters Trey Coleman, an alpha male wolf shifter with a dangerous reputation, she’s determined to resist his charms. After all, Trey—who was only fourteen when he defeated his own father in a duel, winning the right to be alpha of his pack—can’t have anything to offer the talented healer besides trouble, or so she thinks. Taryn finds herself drawn in by Trey’s forceful demeanor and arctic-blue eyes, and she eventually agrees to enter an uneasy alliance with him. If the two succeed in convincing their respective packs that they’ve chosen each other as mates, Trey will win valuable political allies, while Taryn will escape an odious arranged mating. But there are a lot of potential pitfalls to this plan—including the very real possibility that the wolf shifters, overwhelmed by their growing attraction to each other, will be unable to maintain the clear heads needed to pull off the deception.

One of the best shifter stories that I have ever come across. 

I am so lucky that one of my friends asked me to read this book. At first I was skeptic, but then I was really curious so I started reading it...and damn, I felt great! It was definitely worth my time. I love how hilarious and intense it is. 

The characters are great. I always love a woman who could kick ass. Taryn's situation is kind of like were-cinderella-ish (her inability to shift, and then suddenly chosen by a very powerful alpha). The difference is, Cinderella let her stepmom and stepsisters boss her around.. Taryn on the other hand, is very witty and can very much hold her own against anybody AND I MEAN ANYBODY!
Trey on the other hand, is an alpha all the way, super protective and such a badass. He may be stubborn at times, but I am actually pleased that even if he's alpha and all, he's also very, very sweet when it comes to Taryn. I like the plot. It's full of mystery and action. It's also very hilarious! I love their banters. I cannot count the times wherein I laughed out loud because of something Taryn, Dominic or Greta said. Seriously, they're all hilarious! 

The only thing that I found awkward here is the scene wherein Trey let the other enforcers umm... touch Taryn .. I guess I'm just not a fan of that. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading this. The whole pack is great! They brightened up my day. I really like this. :) 

I hope the next one will be as good as this.


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