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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-up Christmas Relationship (A Novella)
by Brittainy C. Cherry

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All families have secrets, and Jules Stone’s is no exception. Deciding not to follow in her family's Oscar-winning footsteps, Jules chooses to take a more behind-the-scenes career in one of the Top 10 Talent Agencies in Chicago. After being dumped five hours before spending Christmas with her dysfunctional family, she needs a plan to avoid their judgmental eyes.

Enter: Kayden Reece.

Kayden is the black sheep of his family, being the one actor drowning in a world of doctors and lawyers. Never really getting a jumpstart at his acting career or landing a big time role, he can feel his dad’s disappointment soaking into his spirit. 

When Kayden gets a chance to meet and sign with a big name agent at Walter and Jacks Talent Agency, he’s ready to prove everyone wrong. Jules stumbles into the building in shambles, ugly crying, and begging to pay an actor a big sum of money to be her made-up boyfriend for five days, Kayden jumps at the opportunity—finally able to say he landed a role. 

When secrets start to unravel, Kayden and Jules must learn that all families have their baggage, sometimes co-stars fall in lust, and it’s important to always have invisible mistletoe hanging around. 

This holiday season join the two fake lovebirds as they partake in the role of a lifetime.
A Fire Fairy Review

"He shifts his glance to the ground and I can tell he's smiling. An overwhelming amount of desire fills me when he looks up again and I get to take in the smile. It's sexy and adorable all at once. Sexdorable. His smile is so sexdorable. It almost kills me."

Sexdorable. I love that word! And that's also how I describe this book in one word. This book is sexdorable! It's definitely one of the best I've read this year. And I would like to say thank you to Ms. Kristen Mazzola for recommending this book and the author to me. I am now a fan!

Our Totally Ridiculous Made-up Christmas Relationship (love the title!) is a romantic comedy about two people who can't find their place in their families and the world they live in. Don't mind the Christmas in the title. You can read this anytime of the year. This book is not just a love story between two people. It's also a story about family, heartbreaks, friendship, and moving on. It's a feel-good story that will make you laugh, smile, cry and fall in love.

Kayden, our main guy, is an extremely handsome chainsmoking bartender who wants to have a break in acting. He's closed off his heart because of a past relationship. He came from a family of lawyers and doctors but he chose to try acting instead, earning disapproval from some family members. After being rejected from a big agency, he wasn't inclined to inform his family of his failure and was quite desperate to do something.

Jules came from a family of Hollywood stars, but chose to work behind the scenes instead. She's a bit insecure and has a record of having asshole exes. Just hours before bringing his boyfriend to her family, she finds herself single and alone. In desperation, she made a job offer to their agency's talents for someone to pose as her boyfriend for a few days. And guess who applied for the job?

Crazy! This story is really crazy which makes it so believable. From the characters' quirks to the dialogues, it's crazy in the way that it's normal in real life. I loved the main characters in the book. They were just so funny and weird in a good way to the point of being adorable. Err... sexdorable!. Even Jules' family is insane. They had me cracking up in a lot of scenes. The author did a very excellent job in portraying each of the characters. I instantly connected with them because they were so real, with flaws and all. No perfect lady and handsome prince here. Just crazy characters. 

Since this is a novella, there was no complicated twists. The plot was rather simple but it did keep me guessing on some parts towards the end. It was fast-paced and no boring part anywhere in the book. This story is one of the few books where I can't pick a particular favorite part. I loved the funny part, the romantic part, the sad part, and even the stupid parts. I loved everything in this book and it was such a joy to read every page.

If you want a light, short read that will leave a happy smile on your face, then this book is for you. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know. In fact, I wish everyone will read this. I promise you, you won't regret it!

And of course, this is 5 fairy wings for me. I'm looking forward to reading all of Brittainy Cherry's books.

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