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Friday, April 11, 2014


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Interview with Damon and Jared

Fire Fairy: Hello Warriors! I'm so glad you took the time off your busy schedules for this interview! I've been dying to meet you guys and I'm so excited for this opportunity!

Jared: So glad to be here Fire Fairy and would really like to know how you got your beautiful name. *Slow sexy wink*

Damon: *Rolls eyes at Jared* Nice to meet you Fire Fairy.

FireF: Okay! here's the first question. Exactly how old are you guys?

Jared: A vampire never tells his age, but boss lady Teresa is doing some background work on us in Adam’s book, which is a bit unnerving, but will give you beautiful humans a little more insight into the Warrior’s.

FireF: Jared, in your book, Tessa mentioned that Sid looks like Brad Pitt. Which celebrities do you think you guys look like?

Damon: *Shifts in his chair with a frown* I don’t know any celebrities.

Jared: He’s not lying. He doesn’t watch television. *Looks toward Damon with a smirk* I think Damon looks like…

Damon: I will make you bleed, even here, I will make you bleed. *His golden eyes hard with warning*

Jared: *Laughs loudly* Well I don’t think Fire Fairy will like that very much so next question.

FireF: *Laughs nervously* Yeah, okay here's the next one... Fans look up to you and some even have you as their favorite superheroes. How about you? Do you have any favorite superheroes?

Jared: Damon DeMasters. *smirk*

Damon: *Stands grabbing the front of Jared’s shirt* I warned you.

Jared: Okay. Calm down. You’re scaring everyone with your violence.

Damon: *Pushing Jared back into his chair, he frowns toward Fire Fairy* I apologize, but I warned you there may be blood. Jared doesn’t know when to stop and I usually have to do the stopping.

Jared: *Snort* Yeah, we shall see about that after this little interview, badass.

FireF: *Getting more nervous* Uhmm we better proceed to the next question. Aside from English, what other languages do you speak?

*The warriors share a quick glance*

Damon: We speak many. Next question.

FireF: Do you have any special skills that are not related to your job as warriors?

Jared: You’ll have to talk to my mate, Tessa, about that. *Shoots Fire Fairy a quick wink*

Damon: I agree, that’s a mate question. *Male laughter fills the room*

FireF: Do you have any secret fears that you wouldn't mind sharing to the readers?

Jared: The only fear a Warrior would have is losing his mate.

Damon: *Give one nod in agreement*

FireF: The next question is for Jared. We all know that when someone is your mate, you can’t read her thoughts. What was the first thing you’ve thought of when you found out that Sid can't read Tessa's mind, too?

Jared: That he’s a dead man. Warriors don’t share their women/mates. So yeah, it could have gotten...messy.

FireF: Damon, we know how short your temper is when someone threatens Nicole. And you have decapitated two men in your book and Jared's book. What can Nicole say about that?

Damon: Not much, because anyone who threatens my mate will die, end of story.

FireF: Aside from kicking ass, annoying your mates, and *looks at Damon* decapitating bad vampires, what else do you consider as hobbies?

Damon: *Grins* Decapitating assholes takes much time to learn and master. We really do not have much time for anything else.

Jared: For once he’s right. *Thumbs toward Damon* But I guess making my mate ‘scream’ in happiness *wink* is my hobby.

Damon: I’m always right, you’re just too dumb to realize it and I don’t think making your mate ‘scream’ is a hobby.

Jared: *Snort* Then you’re missing out my friend.

FireF: How much in total have you guys donated to Nicole's F-word jar?

Damon: Let’s just say we have fully paid for three large events for the kids.

Jared: with change left over.

FireF: Who's the most annoying warrior for you?

Jared: Sid.

Damon: Sid.

*Male laughter fills room*

FireF: Let's get some serious questions for a moment, how do your friends see you?

Damon: Loyal.

Jared: Protective.

FireF: How do your enemies see you?

Jared: *Evil grin* Most of the time they don’t see us, which is the way we like it.

Damon: *Golden eyes hard and serious* As their worst nightmare.

FireF: Teresa Gabelman is a very talented author and I love how she portrayed all of you. Do you think she portrayed you accurately?

Jared: Teresa is the boss lady and yes, she has done us justice.

Damon: Maybe too accurately. *frowns*

Jared: She had no choice but to do that in Adam’s book Damon so get over it already and stop giving her shit about it. *glares at Damon*

FireF: Guys, relax... Okay the following questions are just some random facts that fans want to know about you. These are just for fun so let's enjoy!

Jared: Can’t wait. *Tosses a large smile at Damon*

Damon: *Shifts uncomfortably*

FireF: If you are in a store right now, what 3 items would be in your shopping cart?

Jared: Beer, ice cream and Dorito’s.

Damon: Whatever Nicole puts on the list. *Grin* I don’t shop and if I do it’s whatever she wants.

FireF: What's your credo?

Jared: Kick ass, ask questions later.

Damon: *Nods toward Jared* What he says.

Jared: You can’t have the same as mine. Okay, let me get one for you. How about ‘Heads are going to roll.’

Damon: Not bad. *gives Jared a nod*

FireF: Your favorite scent?

Jared: Honeysuckle. *sexy grin*

Damon: Nicole.

FireF: Your favorite color?

Damon: Black.

Jared: Purple.

Damon: Purple? What kind of pussy ass color is purple? *gives Jared a sidelong glance*

Jared: I like the color purple, you know like the color of grapes and shit. Don’t make me take back my superhero answer.

Damon: *Snort* Purple.

Jared: Shut up, Damon.

FireF: Your favorite food?

Jared: I like a nice rare steak.

Damon: Chili.

Jared: Ah, yeah man. Sid’s Chili is the shit. Add a side of Chili with my steak.

FireF: Your favorite drink? Aside from blood, of course.

Jared: An ice cold beer hits the spot.

Damon: Root beer.

Jared: *this time Jared shoots Damon a sideways glance* Root beer? Really?

Damon: Purple? *glares back*

Jared: *shrugs with a nod*

FireF: Your favorite music?

Jared: Rock.

Damon: Heavy metal.

FireF: Your favorite book?

Jared: Jared followed by the rest of the books in the Protectors Series.

Damon: Suck up.

Jared: Do you have any idea what Teresa could do to us in these books, but in all honesty Jared is my favorite book.

Damon: *Rolls eyes* The Protector Series.

Jared: Which book?

Damon: Are you interviewing now?

Jared: She asked which book, not series.

Damon: *Ignores Jared as he looks at Fire Fairy* Next question.

FireF: Your favorite item of clothing? And why?

Jared: I prefer naked so don’t really have a favorite. *looks toward Damon with a funny gleam* What about you bro?

Damon: I don’t know since I’ve never thought about it before. Clothes are clothes.

Jared: Next question. *mocks Damon’s voice*

FireF: Your favorite place?

Jared: *slow sexy smile* So this is not an x-rated interview I will just say, next to Tessa.

Damon: *Also grins* Home with my mate.

FireF: Well, that about sums it up! Thank you for the time you've given us today. I must say that I'm very honored to be in your presence. I'm a fan! *blushes* But 
before we end this interview, do you have any message to the readers and fans?

Jared: Thank you Fire Fairy. It has been our pleasure talking to you. For the readers and friends of the Protector Series we hope you have enjoyed our stories and we each appreciate you support. *standing he leans down and kisses Fire Fairy on the cheek*

Damon: Thank you, Fire Fairy. *also stands kissing her other cheek* Call if you ever need us.

Both Warriors walk toward the door. Their presence overwhelming in the small room.

“Remind me to never do an interview with you again.” Damon opened the door nudging Jared out of the way. “What the hell am I talking about? Remind me to never do an interview again period.”

“Oh and you’re going to tell Teresa no the next time she asks?” Jared snorted shaking his head. “You know you’ll do anything boss lady asks.”

Damon smiled knowing he was right, there wasn’t much he would say no to when Teresa asked, Adam’s book proved that. “Still, I’ll never do one with you again.”

“Be careful, bro.” Jared turned to grin at Damon. “I’ll tell Teresa to make the next interview with you and Sid.”

“And I will begin my new hobby starting with you as my dummy.” Damon growled.

“Oh and what’s that.” Jared snorted. “New and improved decapitation techniques?”

“Yes.” Damon replied, tossing Jared an evil grin.

Jared snorted again, but walked a little faster.

*the end*

Teresa Gabelman -Damon Cover


Damon DeMasters is a vampire warrior who has taken an oath to protect his own kind as well as humans. As a social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right of every child placed in her care. Damon has been ordered to train Nicole and her colleagues against the dangers they now face. Even as sparks fly, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races.

Excerpt 1

“I still think you are taking grave risks that you are ill equipped to take, human,” Damon scowled, his voice a low deep rumble of authority.

“Yeah, well, it wasn’t you who put that child in the hands of a monster, vamp,” Nicole shot back. If he thought to scare her with the big bad vampire warrior thing he had going on, he was sadly mistaken. Backing down wasn't an option when it came to her job.

“Ah....okay,” Duncan stepped in not liking where this was heading. “Everybody partner up.”

Mitch glared a warning at Nicole, who just shrugged and mouthed, “He started it.” Taking a quick peek at the warrior, she noticed his smug grin. Oh yeah, this was going to be a problem.

Excerpt 2

Damon stopped in the middle of the mat and turned toward her, “Lay down and spread your legs.”

Nicole stopped suddenly, her eyes shooting from his ass to his face. “Ah, most guys buy me a drink first.” At his raised eyebrow, Nicole snorted, “Okay. Sorry. Just a joke. You know you can probably buy a sense of humor on Craigslist.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my sense of humor.” Once she was on the ground, he knelt between her legs. “I just didn't find that funny.”

Nicole rolled her eyes then gasped when he grabbed both her wrists and held them above her head with one hand. “Hey!”

Fire Fairy Review

Confession Time: I have been reading for years but I never heard of Teresa Gabelman or of her books. We have just started our blog and still a bit ignorant about how blog tours work. We got an invitation to sign up for her tour and I checked character interview as a blog post feature. That was stupid since I haven't read her books. So I did. And now I'm so thankful for my ignorance because I got introduced to one great author and another series to love.

When I first saw the cover, I didn't like it. It was so plain. I mean, it could have been better. But since I don't judge a book by its cover, I read it anyway.

Since Damon is the first book in the series, I was not expecting much. First books have almost half of the content telling the readers about their world. Even my most loved series have the first book as the weakest book. Probably because of the worldbuilding. But in Damon's case it wasn't like that. I easily got a grasp of the world they are in because the author didn't really create a very different setting. It's just like our world; with vampires.

Damon has all the things I look for in a Paranormal Romance. It has romance (well, duh!), action, steam, and humor. I love the humor! Some parts of the book had me laughing out loud. They're just so funny. To be honest, the plot is a bit simple and cliche. But who cares? The book is still an amazing read. Even though the story is familiar I still read it and loved every moment of it. The author is an excellent storyteller. I love her writing style. I didn't have a dull moment in the book.
One of the things to look out for in Damon are the dialogues. The banters are really funny and the warriors crack me up every time. Even the girls are funny. I really enjoyed getting to know them through their conversations.

The characters are likable and adorable. My favorite would be the heroine, Nicole. She's just amazing and I love her. She's brave, compassionate, strong yet softhearted. She's just the opposite of the hero, Damon, who's brooding and short-tempered. They balance each other so they are a perfect match. My second favorite would have to be Jared. He's just so charming and is always there for Nicole even when Jared's being an ass.

I highly recommend this book to readers who love Paranormal Romance. You should definitely read this. I also want to recommend this to readers who would like to try paranormal romance but don't want to be overwhelmed by a very different world setting.

My Rating: 4.5 fairy wings!
I love it! It's pretty good for a series starter. I will definitely read the succeeding books.

Teresa Gabelman - Jared Cover


The VC Warriors are an elite group of vampire who protect innocents, whether human or those of their own race. Jared Kincaid, along with other Warriors, are shocked when a fiery red head with a gun and attitude, bring news of young teens being turned into an army of half-breed vampires capable of taking out all VC Warriors. 

Breaking into the famed VC Warriors compound was definitely not the smartest thing Tessa Pride has ever done, but she will do anything for her brother, Adam. The Warriors held the one person she knew was responsible for her brother being turned into a half-breed and nothing will stop her from getting what she needs to help her brother, not even a Warrior whose eyes could make her melt with one look. 

Jared and Tessa join forces in a desperate scramble to find who is responsible. With a war between Warriors and half-breeds brewing, suspicions of traitors in their midst put the lives of everyone involved on the line.

Can Protector Jared find the traitor before it's too late?

Excerpt 1

“You’re making a big mistake.” Jared tried one last time to stop these two before they got in more trouble than they were already in.

The woman hesitated before slowly backing out of the room, “Trusting a blood sucking vampire would be the mistake.”

“I’ll be seeing you…,” Jared leaned toward her as far as he could, “very soon.” Anticipation in the form of a smile tipped his lips when she ran out the door, leaving the scent of honeysuckle in her wake.

Excerpt 2

“Ah, no way. I’m driving,” Tessa shook her head. “This is my boss’s car and if anything happens to it, it’s my ass…literally.”

“Give me the keys, Tessa,” his tone was as firm as his glare.

“No.” Backing away, Tessa stuck them in her front pocket with a smirk, “I drive or you walk.”

Jared grabbed her so fast, sticking his hand in her front pocket fishing out the keys, that Tessa didn’t have time to react. He dangled the keys in front of her, “Who’s walking?”

Fire Fairy Review

Just when I thought Damon is the shit, it just got better! This book exceeded my expectations. A lot!

I absolutely love Jared! I was so happy I felt like doing a fairy dance after reading this book. It was just awesome!

Jared you just became my new book boyfriend!

Just so you know, my smile reaches my ears while typing this. I just can't stop smiling when I think of Jared. Lol!

The warriors are back in the 2nd book of the series. Still funny and adorable as ever. With new characters to love. And as usual the author did a really excellent job writing this book.

This time our main hero is Jared. I loved Jared in Damon's book. And now I'm hopelessly in love with him! Who wouldn't be? He's just the perfect hero of my book dreams.

Just as much as I loved Nicole in the first book, I'm also loving Tessa here. She's perfect! Gorgeous, funny, sassy, and foul mouthed just the way I like my heroine; although a bit insecure.

Plotwise, Jared's book is way better than the Damon's. The story is more interesting and definitely original. More action and violence here. I love it when the warriors go badass. They're so sexy and really hot. Lol!

Romance-wise, I think Damon's is still hotter. Damon and Nicole really made some steamy scenes. Jared and Tessa's scenes are tamer, but still sexy. I especially liked their first meeting. For a guy like Jared, that's just a perfect way to meet his match. A girl who can take him down lol.

Aside from the hero and heroine, I like Sid and Adam's characters too. I don't know what happened to Sid but his character kind of changed from the first book. Not that I'm complaining, but he's funnier and more foolish in this book. Adam, on the other hand, is a nice guy. He's more serious than the warriors but still funny, too. I really like his attitude and how he protects his sister. I hope he gets to have his own book, too.

Overall, this is 5 stars for me! I can't wait to read Duncan's book. Again, this book doesn't have a cliffhanger for Jared and Tessa. But it sure did leave a hell of a teaser for the next book. And I CAN'T WAIT TO READ DUNCAN'S BOOK!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone ages 16 and above. Even if you're not a fan of Paranormal Romance, try this series! I'm pretty sure you would be after reading this.

About The Author

Teresa Gabelman - headshot

Teresa lives in Bethel, Ohio with her husband, son, two dogs and her son's snake, Steve Irwin. She is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, is a huge Mixed Martial Arts fan and follows her husbands MMA fight team, G-Force, which her son fights for. When not writing she is either screaming like a crazy woman at MMA fights or reading in some quiet corner with her Kindle. She loves books that are fast reads filled with romance, humor, sexy alpha men and the women who drive them crazy.

Damon (The Protectors Series) Book #1
Jared (The Protectors Series) Book #2
Duncan (The Protectors Series) Book #3
Sid (The Protectors Series) Book #4

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting Damon and Jared today! The interview was so much fun and hope you enjoyed Damon and Jared. Again thank you so much!!!

  2. enjoyed Damon and Jared interview.. Damon seems so straight and Jared is a hoot.Can't wait to see what happens if Sid is interviewed

  3. The interview is so true to their characters. Really enjoyed it. What about interviewing the girls? That could be a little more revealing. :)
    Love the mouse here by the way. I've been dancing it all over the page. LOL!

  4. Sid will be a scary interview Sonia...HA! I doubt anyone will interview with him. I know Marlene. At first I thought something was wrong with my computer and now I'm moving it all over. I want that on mine and then I'll definitely get nothing done!! :)

  5. It was our pleasure Ms. Gabelman! Thank you for the chance to do the interview :)

  6. Excellent interview!! I LOVE this series! Each book is better then the last and Thats really saying something!! Jared is my favorite guy but Duncan is my favorite book!.. and SID?... well what can you say about SIDlicious? *heavy sigh* Teresa is an amazing author! I would read her shopping list!