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Thursday, July 16, 2015




Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 7/9/15


Still in my twenties, I have it all. I am young, happy, and healthy, despite my wine and pizza addictions. I am a successful business owner who lives a life I love, free from any romantic commitments. To me, my life is perfect right now, except for just one small problem…

My mother.

She will tell you I am missing something in my life, that I should be married with kids and have a house with a white picket fence, even though I cannot think of anything worse.

Ignoring my constant protests, she manages to set me up on a series of horrendous blind dates. To pacify my mother and avoid being set up with another friend’s son, I am driven to do something I never thought I would. 

I begin arranging dates through an agency. 

This idea seems to work well, until my arranged date falls sick right before a family event. With no other options, I am forced to attend with the agency owner’s brother-in-law as my stand-in date. At this point, my perfect life suddenly becomes … complicated.

Ollie is sexy, fun, and intense. There is an instant connection between us, but is it strong enough to risk my perfect life plan?

I am single, free, and content. I don’t need a man.

However, Ollie is persistent, despite my reluctance, and now I am left wondering if it is possible that he may be the perfect match for me.

Can Ollie be the one man to finally accept me for me, or does he think he can change who I am and my opinions?

Does my story end with me happily-ever-single or with a happily-ever-after?

Or can there be room for both?

KOBO | B & N


I must admit.. It took me awhile to create a review for this book. I just couldn't organize my thoughts as fast as I normally do. I think it's because the premise of this book isn't really one that we are used to. To talk about that first, I'm used to alpha guys in romance. I'm used to them demanding that they be together forever yada yada. What we romance readers don't read about everyday is the other side of the story. 

What if the woman doesn't really want to be tied down?

As in the woman repulse the thought of marriage...?

What about that huh?

Don't go telling me that it's not possible in real life because I know for a fact that it is.

This book is all about that.

An empowered woman, successful in every aspect.. just not in love and relationships. 

What happens when she eventually meets her match?

I'll try to describe the characters for y'all first..

LUCY -> This is the empowered, really darn successful woman that I'm talking about. She's independent and very strong minded. She has a pretty big family, so you think that because of that, she'd feel like she needs a big one too. However, nope. I think it's partly because of her mom. You see, her mom's like a momzilla.. She wants her daughter to date so she gives her a person to date. It frustrates the hell out of Lucy and in turn, frustrates me as a single woman too.

That's the reason why she had to use drastic measures...

To avoid the judgment and them questioning her at every turn.

Enter Ollie..

She's the man she never would have met.

But she did...

With a weird timing.

Ollie is the man who makes the effort. He's humorous, understanding and very attentive to her. He's all in all a nice guy. He's polite, very careful with hurting Lucy's feelings. He accepts what she wants and doesn't want. I think the only downside is his mom. I'll let you figure that out by yourselves. Just know that his mom is one of the moms that I hate in my entire fiction world.

I think the biggest conflict in this book is their clash of beliefs. The things that they stand for and the things they truly want in life. 

I love how things unfolded between the two of them. Things felt light and fun. :)
Now if you ask me how I feel about Lucy's beliefs... It feels weird that even if I disagree with some of her inner musings, she also makes a lot of sense! A lot of things that she said in this book are true for a lot of people. I guess even though I disagree with some of her views, I can't discount that she's also quite right. 

The ending of this book is quite satisfying. It's leaves a lot for the readers to think about. :) 

Soooo there..

Read this if you want a lighthearted, heartfelt, unique - plus hot read! 

4 fairy wings!!


“You know, it is so unfair. Why is it so forbidden to be single? Why am I not complete unless I am stupidly in love with someone, even if that someone makes me miserable? Was there a memo that I missed? One the entire population received that I somehow lost? Why is it that my worth is judged on whether or not I’m married? Why do I have to be in love to be whole? I’m perfectly happy and content by myself. However, everyone automatically assumes I only say that because I haven’t found love. What’s so fucking special about love? Sure, it can be great, until it’s not, until your heart is ripped out, and you lose yourself completely. Until your best friend has to break into your apartment and pry the container of melted ice cream out of your hands and throw you in the bathtub because you got more all over your body than in your mouth!”
“Hey, that only happened once … four times,” Jules weakly complains.
“I don’t know why I have to defend the fact that I am single. I hate that I am considered weird or a freak because I am not desperately trying to find love. I don’t want to get married. I don’t want kids, and I don’t want to be trapped in a loveless relationship just because it is considered normal to be paired up.” I take deep breaths, my head swimming from lack of oxygen from my serious ranting.
“Whoa, how long have you been holding that in?” Jules asks.
“My entire life, but overhearing my cousins basically laughing at me earlier and saying I’m going to be a crazy cat lady didn’t help.”
“I’m sorry about that. Your cousins are such bitches.” I don’t need to explain it was my orange cousins; they are the only ones I ever seriously bitch about to Jules.

“I know, and I shouldn’t let their words get to me. I really couldn’t care less what they think. I just hate how society has given us all this expectation of what our lives should look like, and now, if we don’t meet it, we’re hounded over it. I don’t know the last time I had a conversation with a family member that didn’t have the mention of me being single. I’m sick of it.”


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Jessica Frances was born and raised in South Australia, quite possibly born with a book in her hand already. An avid reader her whole life, a pen finally appeared in her hand and she began her journey writing her own stories. The voices in her head have not slowed down and hopefully they never will.

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