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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Destinies forged by an enchantment, yet love is the brightest flame of all.

Fire’s Field Book #2 in The Elementals Series
by Jillian Jacobs

Bound by a dark enchantment, only an elemental flame can light the way.

Forged in rage and sorrow, a dark witch’s spell travels down her ancestral line to Violet Levina. Enchanted with the power of the entire Electromagnetic spectrum—microwaves, gamma rays, radio waves, Violet is cursed with limitless energy and the obligation to destroy an insidious creature composed of dark matter.

For over five hundred years, Flint has served as Fire, aiding Earth’s environment and its people as one of four Elementals. Yet only once in his long existence has he been burned. A flaming redhead ignites the embers of his heart, but he finds her resistant to the heat building between them. 

Knowing she must fulfill her destiny, Violet travels to her home in Ireland, accompanied by the fiery Elemental. Not fooled by his charms and brazen demeanor, Violet wishes only to shield him from the coming battle, but can’t deny the flames of desire flickering when she is at his side.

While standing together against unrelenting adversaries, false friends, family betrayals, and an underlying seed of darkness, they must burn bright, or the ruthless power behind the ancient spell will turn everything to ash.

With Flint as her beacon in a field of darkness, Violet will discover that love holds the most powerful magic of all. 

Book #1 in Elementals Series is Water’s Threshold.

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Fire’s Field is the second book in The Elementals Series by Jillian Jacobs. The book can be considered as standalone but there are some references to the first book that new readers might not understand well. If you haven’t read the first book, Water’s Threshold, I suggest you read it first to make reading Fire’s Field more enjoyable.

Fire’s Field features the love story of Flint and Violet. They were both introduced in the first book of the series, Water’s Threshold. Flint is the fire elemental who, together with earth, wind, water, and Mother Nature protects the world from destruction. In the book he was portrayed as a happy go lucky guy flirting his way from one girl to another. That is, until he met Violet. The moment he sees violet he knew that she’s different and that she might just be the one for him. Violet is a witch, and a cursed one, at that. The 25th daughter in the line of witches, she was destined to stop Quint, the dark matter incarnate and the main antagonist in the series. Knowing her fate, she dedicated her life to science and shunned human relationships because she believed that her life is fleeting and she won’t survive the battle ahead. Will Flint be able to pass through Violet’s defenses and show her that her true destiny is with him? And that love can change her fate? Read the book to find out!

I love paranormal romance mixed with science. Jillian Jacobs made an awesome job mixing the two in this series. I really enjoyed the bits and pieces of science facts and trivia that goes out of Violet’s mouth when she’s nervous. What can I say? I’m a trivia geek myself. :D One more thing I loved about this series is the idea of peri-mortals. The elementals are not true immortals. They can be killed but they can live for eternity. They can recuperate from injuries by charging in their elements. In Flint’s case, volcanoes or fire. And they can retire if they choose to. When they decide to retire they go back to being normal and forget most of their life as elementals. And a new one will be chosen to take their place. I haven’t read anything about peri-mortals before so I find the idea intriguing.

If you love paranormal romance I'm seriously recommending Fire's Field to you. The story is great and the romance is hot yet not that explicit so it can be read by ages 16 and up. I'm giving the book 4 Fairy Wings because of the great story and its awesome characters!

About the Author

In the spring of 2013, Jillian Jacobs changed her career path and became a romance writer. After reading for years, she figured writing a romance would be quick and easy. Nope! With the guidance of the Indiana Romance Writers of America chapter, she’s learned there are many "rules" to writing a proper romance. Being re-schooled has been an interesting journey, and she hopes the best trails are yet to be traveled. Water’s Threshold, the first in Jillian’s Elementals series, was a finalist in Chicago-North’s 2014 Fire and Ice contest in the Women’s Fiction category. Jillian is a: Tea Guzzler, Polish Pottery Hoarder, and lover of all things Moose.

The genres she writes under are: Paranormal and Contemporary with suspenseful elements.

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  3. It was my pleasure, Ms. Jacobs! Looking forward to reading the next book. :D