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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hi all, Fire Fairy here! Today, I'm proud to present to you the newest book from one of my favorite authors ever, Sandra Brown! Please join us in celebrating the release of FRICTION and get a chance to win a coffee mug and a signed (personalized) copy of Friction!

Friction by Sandra Brown
Published by: Grand Central
Publication date: August 18th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown comes a gripping story of family ties and forbidden attraction.

A Texas Ranger, relegated to deskwork due to past recklessness, petitions to regain custody of his five-year-old daughter, and his case is assigned to a family court judge who is as attractive as she is ambitious. When a masked gunman barges in during the custody hearing with his sights on the judge, the Ranger reacts instinctually and goes after him. But authorities apprehend the wrong man, and the real gunman remains unknown, at large, and a threat. Will this take-charge lawman jeopardize his chances of custody by going after the would-be assassin? And will this unlikely pair be able to deny the forbidden attraction building between them?



I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

5 dazzling Fairy Wings!!!

I've been a Sandra brown fan since forever. And when Xpresso Book Tours sent an invitation for her upcoming blog tour, I literally screamed for the chance to be part of it. When it comes to romantic thriller/suspense, Sandra brown is a genius. And with her calibre, I was almost sure that this book is another winner.

And boy did I get it right. I freaking love this book! I couldn't put it down. nd I'm having a nasty book hangover right now. Friction is fast-paced, full of unexpected twists that will keep you on your toes the whole time. If you're into the romantic suspense genre, this book is perfect for you!

Story-wise, I love how the story will keep you guessing who the bad guy really is until the end. It will keep you sucked in the story as it keeps getting better until the final twist where the who's and why's are answered. Some parts had me sitting straight up (I was lying down while reading) because of the excitement. Although I admit, I was a bit disappointed with the motives behind the killing because of the shallowness but hey, it's what made the story realistic because in reality, people kill for less reasons than that. So far, Friction is the best book I've read from Sandra Brown. It is a very well written thriller  that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Romance-wise, I think the book focused more on the mystery plot but hot damn, you got some steamy hot scenes here. The scenes were not that explicit but you can definitely feel the sizzling chemistry between Crawford and Holly. I usually don't care for insta-love but I'll make an exception here. The story's timeframe is more or less a week but I love the exchange between the H and h and it was believable enough for me.

Whether you're a mystery reader or a romance reader. I am 100% sure that you will enjoy reading this book.


Sandra Brown is the author of more than sixty New York Times bestsellers, including DEADLINE(2013), LOW PRESSURE (2012), LETHAL (2011), TOUGH CUSTOMER (2010), SMASH CUT (2009), SMOKE SCREEN (2008), PLAY DIRTY (2007), RICOCHET (2006), CHILL FACTOR (2005), WHITE HOT (2004), & HELLO, DARKNESS (2003).

Brown began her writing career in 1981 and since then has published over seventy novels, bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million. Her work has been translated into over thirty languages.

A lifelong Texan, Sandra Brown was born in Waco, grew up in Fort Worth and attended Texas Christian University, majoring in English. Before embarking on her writing career, she worked as a model at the Dallas Apparel Mart, and in television, including weathercasting for WFAA-TV in Dallas, and feature reporting on the nationally syndicated program “PM Magazine.”

In 2009 Brown detoured from her thrillers to write, Rainwater, a much acclaimed, powerfully moving story about honor and sacrifice during the Great Depression.

Brown recently was given an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University. She was named Thriller Master for 2008, the top award given by the International Thriller Writer’s Association. Other awards and commendations include the 2007 Texas Medal of Arts Award for Literature and the Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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  1. Eep this sounds like my kind of book 100%! I love mysteries and this one sounds like it really keeps you guessing throughout! I also like that the romance, while there, doesn't take over the whole plot! Glad you liked it, hun! Great review! :)

  2. You should DEFINITELY read it! It's always a pleasure reading books by Ms. Brown. She's a genius in her field. <3