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BLOG TOUR - SEBRING by KRISTEN ASHLEY + A Rock Chick Fairy ARC Review + Excerpt + Giveaway BOOK BLITZ - Blood, Milk & Chocolate – Part 2 by Cameron Jace + Excerpt + Giveaway BOOK BLITZ - Before Goodbye by Mimi Cross + Excerpt + Giveaway BOOK BLITZ - INTERLUDE by THERESA DALAYNE + GIVEAWAY BOOK BLITZ - Immurement by Norma Hinkens + Excerpt + Giveaway

Meet The Fairies

The Dark Fairy is a creature of the night where she hibernates in comfort along with a perfectly-written book and a glass of blood or two ( that was just water, I swear!) Woe to those who dare disturbs her peace with their badly written prose and ramblings! 

Hello! I'm the Fire Fairy! Don't get fooled by my looks or my name... I'm actually pretty sweet and gentle. But I'm really passionate about the things I love.  I'm a book geek (well, duh!), a trivia buff, a math aficionado, a song hoarder whenever there's a videoke around, and the resident weirdo in my neighborhood. People think i'm weird, but even the weird ones think i'm weirder. I'm an introvert. I rarely go out to party. Reading books is my idea of fun. I love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, futuristic romance ... Even young adult fantasy. I like stories with a bit of supernatural in them. If you're interested with these kinds of books, please talk to me. I love meeting kindred spirits!

Hiyaaah! I'm the Happily Ever After Fairy. I read anything as long as there is romance.
 I love HEAs and I dread from the onesthat don't. I am also a:
Makeup Enthusiast
Movie Junkie
 TV Series/Asian Drama Addict
 Food Lover
 Zoo Keeper (lol. kidding aside, I love small mammals)
 Artsywitsy (I love to design and collect cute things!!!)
and a whole lot more. I am a bullet type of reviewer so please bear with me. I would love to talk and discuss anything about BOOKS with you. Ciao~ May the fairy dust be with you all :*

As my name suggest, I love to haul books.
I used to buy a lot, but I’m always in a book buying ban and I always fail. 
I’m an impulsive buyer. 
My taste on books mostly young adult, paranormal and dystopian, but as I mature, my taste in books also matures, sometimes I try new adult and erotica.

Do i need to tell that i love to read? Well, I'd rather read than eat and sleep. I'd rather read than be social. I can stay at home for a week doing nothing just reading. I will gladly trade the remote control of the television for a book. I read in the car or in the bus, while eating in a restaurant, while waiting, while grocery shopping (I'm the one pushing the cart). If I could read while i'm walking I will do that too. That's how addicted I am. 

I love HEAs and light, funny romances. I hate love triangles and cheating. I also stay away from books with so much angst since my heart can only take so much. My preferred genre is New Adult and contemporary romance.

I really don't do reviews. If you will visit my GR profile, you will see that i don't have much to say. I'm a one-liner kind of lady, I don't really expound on my sentences. I say what's on my mind as minimally as I could, straight to the point, no beating around the bushes, and that's it! Most often I would just say love it or like it. But then the book club i joined last year had this idea to do a blog project and I thought why not. So i enlisted as a contributor/reviewer and prepared myself for elucidating my views and feelings. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not used to do lengthy reviews and sharing my opinions. This is the first time that i'm gonna do this so bear with me. But i can assure you that all reviews that i'm going to do are all honest and sincere. I'm not a professional reviewer. I'm doing this so I can vouch for the books I've read and love.

I'm not a morning person
I hate stuffed toys
I love pillows though! lots and lots of it on my bed. the bigger and fluffier the better
I love almost all baked goods. brownies and blueberry muffins are my kryptonites
I adore body lotions. i don't like the fruity ones. my faves are the citrus-y and flowery smells
I hate long talks. i dislike discussions and confrontations and debates
I don't like to talk about politics
I give my trust easily but once broken, it can never be repaired again
I love chocolates (who doesn't?)
I love nuts and other things (marshmallows etc) in my ice cream
a real TV show junkie
I love action packed and animated movies
I don't like dogs and cats (they smell!!)
I love to collect things (toys, diff kinds of mugs and glasses)
I can't live without the internet
I hate lady's fingers, eggplants and any food that is raw
I love love the color purple!

Midnight fairy like to stay up all night to finish reading a novel, hence the name. She loves romance, paranormal, YA, NA, adventure and occasional Sci-Fi books. She also enjoys poetry when she's not reading a book or writing a book review.

I am the Poppy Fairy. I love to read in the poppy field and hang out with my poppy fairy friends. But they're always either too numb or too stoned to fangirl about fictional characters, or to read books for that matter. So I set off on a journey to seek kindred spirits among other fairies and this is where the book goddess finally brought me. I read everything YA and I gush like an excited canine. I agonize at the sight of insta-love and love triangles so I avoid them as much as possible. I'm looking forward to fangirling with you!

I am the Rock Chick Fairy.
I like books, chocolates, pizza, Disney and good horror movies. 
I believe that happy endings rock! \m/
Oh and if you’re wondering about the name… Yes, I love Kristen Ashley.

Hello, I'm the Warrior Fairy. I'm drawn to books that are full of adventure, mystery and sorcery. While real life is full of routines and well, reality, books are filled with ceaseless wonder and imagination put into words and recreated in the minds of the readers. It may be a way to live different lives and feel different things, but at the heart of it, they are about the human nature and that connection we feel when we read, like we're not alone, is ultimately the greatest thing about them.

My favorite genres are young adult and adult fantasy as well as dystopia. I'm branching into the classics, sci-fi, contemporary and mystery. I have a soft spot for tragedies and heart-shattering novels.


1. Where are you from?

We are all Filipinos, but a lot of us aren't based in the Philippines.

2. How did you all meet?

Once upon a time, we were individuals who met and found a new home on Goodreads. We talked and talked for days. Days turned  into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. We suddenly found the need to put our thoughts into one space. That's when this project group blog started. 

3. Why fairies? 

Simply because they are amazing creatures and with them...  anything is possible.

4. What do fairies read?

FICTION. That's for sure. In all honestly, we read almost everything (e.g. Middle grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult fiction, Romance, Historicals, Contemporaries, Mystery Horror, Science Fiction  etc.


FICTION, with the exception of EROTIC BOOKS.

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  1. Hi ladies. Your contact form isn't working, so I thought this was the easiest way to reach out. I've got a pretty good feeling that you're pummeled with review requests, so much, you can't come up for air. So, instead of requesting a review, how about a nice diversion and allowing me to provide you with an article instead for posting?

    Coming up with content for your site, I know can be a hair-pulling nightmare at times. I had a blog for nearly eight years and know your pain. Add to that list chipping away at a reading pile that seems to never go down, writing reviews, and attempting to have some sense of normalcy in your life can seem hopeless, right? I think I have an interesting concept that your readers might enjoy and find a nice change for both of you?

    It's called "Behind the Title ~ The Creation of a Love Story." It dabbles on the connection between songs and literature, how I used them, and an introduction to my Love Song Standards Series. PLUS, I make available to your readers a free download of Book 1 in my series, Unchained Melody. All you have to do is copy and paste.

    Have I piqued your interest **wink wink**?