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Monday, August 25, 2014


Today, author Patricia D. Eddy reveals the cover for her upcoming urban fantasy, A Shift in the Water.

hardcoverstack_621x739 (1)

Mara Taylor is dying. A mysterious blood disorder is taking her life and her doctors can't seem to stop it. Only her daily swims offer her any relief. Resigned to her fate, she heads to Orcas Island for one last swim. Cade Bowman leads a small werewolf pack in Bellingham, Washington. Or he did, before a fire elemental intent on revenge traps him as his wolf. His pack gone, held prisoner by the elemental's charms, he knows death is coming for him. When Cade's wolf finds Mara, he knows instinctively that she's the key to freeing him from the fire elemental's charm. She's more than that. She's his. Can Mara free Cade his wolf and save her own life in the process? And if she does, can they survive when they learn the identity of the fire elemental hunting them both?

Set in Seattle, A Shift in the Water is the first in the Elemental Shifter series. In celebration, Patricia is offering a giveaway for anyone who pre-orders the book from Amazon between now and September 22, 2014. Pre-order the book and take a photo of the computer screen after you've done so. Email that photo to Patricia and on September 23, 2014, one lucky winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to read the first two chapters for free on Patricia's blog. Stay tuned for the Facebook launch event as well as teasers and excerpts posted on Patricia's author page.

Patricia D. Eddy
Author and Editor

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